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  Stock your Studio for Spring!

This issue is all about "hot" items, and I'm not talking about the weather. Seriously, I love all the products in this issue and hope you do too.

- Kathi

Spectacular Stencils!
Rebecca Baer Simply Elegant Stencils, Petite & Elegant Stencils, and Clearly Elegant Stenciling Gel
Rebecca Baer, Inc.

Rebecca Baer is such a creative artist and has several unique items on her website that can be used to enhance your artwork and take it to the next level. Here are a few of my favorites, but make sure you visit her website to view the entire line of embellishment tools. She also has fantastic booklets called Creative Stenciling Techniques, I and II that contain tips on stencil care and step-by-step technique directions.

Stenciling GelRebecca Baer Simply Elegant Stencils: What I love about this stencil line is Rebecca’s light, delicate pattern designs and the variety of design options within each template. You get delicate scrollwork patterns (both with and without additional linear openings within the design), a design cutout on the edge of the template, and fun border designs. All of the designs within the template can be incorporated as part of the background or the outer edge, or as the center of interest of the design. These are truly “Simply Elegant” stencils.

Rebecca Baer Petite & Elegant Stencils: This stencil line was created for artists to add embellishments on small surfaces or within tight areas of a large surface design. These stencils offer the same template options as the Simply Elegant Stencils—they’re just a smaller size. Good things do come in small packages!

Rebecca Baer Clearly Elegant Stenciling Gel: This stencil gel is acid-free, waterbased, and flexible. It dries to a crystal-clear gloss finish and works hand-in-hand with Rebecca’s stencils. It can be applied to wood, metal, paper, plastic, glass, and fabric, and can be antiqued, if desired. You can also use this gel as a photo transfer medium, or you can create a variety of dimensional effects by adding paint, ink, glitter, micro beads, or powdered pigment to it. It also works well as an adhesive for applying glitter to an area.

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Get Set to Paint!
Instructional Hang-Ups
FM Brush Co., Inc./Dynasty

Dynasty has the coolest selection of quality, unique-shaped brushes that can be purchased individually and in sets. I love the two- and three-pack brush sets called Instructional Hang-Ups. These kits feature a step-by-step project for you to create as you get comfortable with a brush style and learn how to use that brush. Try your hand at fabric painting using the Golden Touch Wave brush and round brush as you create fun, fanciful designs by Tracy Moreau. Create Jillybean’s beautiful stroke floral design on a clay pot using Black Gold Butterfly brushes and a script brush. This is a fun, economical way to try out a new brush technique.

A Dynamite Duo!
Artist Studio Brush Caddyroyal products
Royal & Langnickel Brush Mfg., Inc.

I saw these new brush carriers at the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Show earlier this year, and my first thought was “what great brush protectors and carriers.” Upon further examination, I realized they would serve multipurpose roles and could be used to house pencils, erasers, art tools, paints, and more. I love that they have several different compartments in which to store things. The brush selection that comes with each carrier is icing on the cake! The small caddy (#RCAD-Mini 24) comes with twenty-four mini brushes, including liners, rounds, shaders, filberts, and a wonderful variety of specialty brushes. The larger caddy (#RCAD-STH18) contains assorted sizes of traditional short-handle brush shapes, including rounds, filberts, liners, shaders, and more. Both brush kits were created to work with all mediums. What a great gift idea!

Fabric with Flair!
Dy-na-Flow, Silk Colors, and Accessories
Jacquard Products

Jacquard has a wide variety of fabric dyes and mediums, and each one contains properties to create a different look. With warm weather just around the corner, I thought this was the perfect time to share them with you.

savvy studioDy-na-Flow is a high-quality fabric paint that has the look and flow of a silk dye. The color penetrates the fabric fibers (not coating them), leaving the fabric soft and flexible. Colors can be applied to cotton, silk, crepe, wood, and more. To set the colors into the fabric, simply apply heat using an iron. Dy-na-Flow was created for artists who love the look of silk dyes, but do not want the hassle of steam-setting the colors. It’s the perfect medium for fabric artists of all ages. You can apply this paint with a brush, sponge, or spray bottle. Clear- or colored-resist lines are applied to the cloth prior to painting if you wish to keep colors separated within the design (as shown on the art scarf featured in the photo). You can also add embellishment lines after the design is painted.

Red Label Silk Colors are professional grade dyes that are very concentrated. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors that can be used full strength or diluted for softer hues. These colors must be steam-set, which takes more time than heat-setting, but it is well worth the extra effort—the vivid colors are striking! Professional rocket steamers are used to steam-set color, but you can also use a large canning pot as a makeshift steamer to save money. Informative steaming directions and tips are available on the Jacquard website.

Green Label Silk Colors (not pictured) are slightly less concentrated than Red Label Silk Colors, and they can be set using a chemical bath called Permanent Dyeset Concentrate, or steam-set as mentioned above. This is the only dye line that offers more than one fixing option—just remember that steam-setting pops the color, leaving it brilliant.

Jacquard also manufactures a variety of supplies and tools for working with fabric paints and silk dyes, including Water Based Resist 1/2 oz. Squeeze Bottles, and applicator tips that are available in sizes 5mm–7mm and 9mm
(the larger the number, the wider the line it creates). For more information and project ideas, visit Jacquard’s website.