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  Stellar Picks for Summer!

This issue is dedicated to something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This isn't a wedding theme. Believe it or not, all these wonderful products came to my attention through one of the four above avenues. It's funny where life takes you somethings, but it's always worth the trip!

- Kathi

Sta-Wet Palettes
Masterson Art Products

I use Masterson Sta-Wet Palettes, and through the course of my painting career, they have saved me both time and money. Why do I love my Masterson paint palettes? Let me count the ways…

(1) You have a wonderful, large 16" x 12" surface area on which to mix and lay paints.
(2) While you are working, your paints will stay fresh and moist.
(3) When you are done painting, snap on the lid and your paints will not dry out.
(4) When you travel, the palette is airtight and leakproof.
(5) Each painting palette was designed to meet specific medium needs.
(6) All palette styles are made of durable plastic that resists cracking and breakage.

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Sta-Wet Super Pro Palette, No. 11216
This large (16" x 12" x 1-3/4"), heavy-duty, double-sided container is the perfect palette for acrylic and watercolor painting. The one side houses the moisture system sponge and paper for use with acrylics, and the other side features thirty-two wells around the edge for holding watercolor pigment and three areas in the center for mixing colors. If you remove the moisture system on the other side, you have another large area for mixing colors.

Sta-Wet Premiere Palette, No. 105
savvy studioThis red-lid palette was especially formulated for acrylic and other waterbased paints. It houses the Masterson patented moisture system, which consists of permeable palette paper that sits on top of a superabsorbent cellulose sponge. Your paints stay fresh and moist for hours (and days) using this system. When you’re finished painting, simply snap on the sturdy, flexible lid, and the sponge and paper provide a moist environment that can last for several days. The complete palette system consists of five sheets of palette paper, a sponge, a tray, a lid, and directions for preparation and use. Refill sheets are available in stores and online. Also, if you paint in both acrylics and oils, the red palette can be used to house your oil paints. Remove the moisture system and place your oil paper palette in the bottom area and snap on the airtight seal.

KG Kanvas Karrier
Kitty Gorrell

savvy studioThe KG Kanvas Karrier is the ultimate protective case for your wet paintings in transit and for storing a painting prior to framing. The KG Kanvas Karrier’s unique insert design was formulated by Kitty Gorrell and her husband, Chuck. This insert securely holds a canvas in place and prevents the carrier walls from touching the wet paint—even if you turn the carrier upside down.

Originally, this wonderful carrier was created for oil painters, but all works painted in other mediums can be housed in the carrier for protective transport. The carrier even accommodates fragile watercolor paper. The carrier is easy to assemble and can accommodate more than one size canvas with a simple adjustment within the support areas of the carrier. The KG Kanvas Karrier is available in three different sizes. For more information and detailed instructions on how to assemble the carrier, go to Kitty Gorrell’s website.

Jumbo Cling Rubber Stamps

savvy studioStamping moved to a different level with the invention of these new, fantastic jumbo stamps. Jumbo Cling Rubber Stamps are made from deeply etched, precision trimmed, one-eighth-inch thick premium gray rubber. The thickness of the rubber allows for application of a smooth impression of the design onto smooth, uneven, and textured surfaces. The back of each stamp has the design printed in a full-size image, which allows for exact placement of the image on the clear acrylic handle. A clear acrylic handle, in layman’s terms, is a clear acrylic block that is used as a mount for the cling rubber stamps. It is slim for easy grip and handling, and the broad surface area allows you to apply firm, even pressure across any size image.

stamp stamp stapm

These jumbo stamps (as well as the regular-size stamps) can be applied to paper, wood, cloth, pottery, canvas, and more. The stamped image can be subtle, bold, or layered. Waterproof ink is the most common way to stamp images, but you can also use acrylic paint. Just apply the desired acrylic paint color over the raised design edges of the stamp with a sponge roller or wide brush, and then stamp away! Can’t you just imagine a soft, muted stamped background design for your painting? Another cool technique is to apply a bold-stamped design over an existing background, let it dry, spray a thin coating of matte sealer on the stamped design, and then paint in the open areas of the stamp design. You can use this second idea as a way to apply a pattern, then paint over or you can just embellish within the existing stamped lines. The possibilities are endless! (Note: Spraying sealer over color lines sets the paint lines and allows you to remove any additional unwanted paint you might place within the stamped lines.)

Each kit contains two stamps that complement each other. Set assortments feature flowers, butterflies, sayings, geometric designs, scrolls, banners, and more. To view the full range of stamp sets, go to the Stampendous website.

LaCornielle Golden Taklon Specialty Brush Shapes
Loew-Cornell, Inc.

If I could only use one word to describe these new additions to the LaCorneille brush line, it would have to be “innovative.” These brushes possess very unique shapes and create strokes that add interest to a painting.

speciality brushesThe Curved Flat brush has a very different, yet functional, shape. One side is shaped like a flat. and the other side is shaped like a filbert. Because of this, the brush can effortlessly paint both arched and straight elements. The brush hairs retain their spring and snap in both thin and heavy paint applications. The versatility of this brush is fantastic.

The Double Filbert does exactly what the name implies. Each stroke deposits two filbert-shaped strokes in an area. This particular brush creates great daisy petals, stripes, and plaid linework designs.

The full-bodied, oval-shaped Aura brush features an angle cut on the chisel edge and is hollow in the middle. Among its many applications, this brush can be used to create clouds, fur, drybrushed or painted foliage, unique tree shapes, and even texture within elements in no time at all. This brush is really cool!

The Flora brush is designed for painting petals, leaves, and stems. You can do this all with one brush—that is amazing! The belly of this flat brush is very full and the tip is tapered. The width of the resulting stroke is determined by the amount of pressure used when painting, and you can deposit color in large or tight areas. v