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Happy spring—well, almost! Around this time every year, cabin fever starts setting in; so I treat myself to new products that I have never tried and start playing. I lean toward purchasing kits, because they are cost effective and often contain everything I need to begin creating. Here are some fantastic kits that I’d like to share with you.

- Kathi Hanson

Tri Art Liquid Artist Acrylic Colours Paint Sets
tri art liquid artist acrylic coloursIf you‚Äôve never painted with this acrylic line, I highly recommend that you put these acrylics on your "to try" list! Tri Art Liquid Artist Acrylic Colours are highly pigmented liquid acrylic paints that are extremely rich and creamy, and the coverage is amazing. These acrylics provide you with the best of both worlds‚—îrich, concentrated pigment like tube paint and the ease, flow, and consistency of bottled paint. Set #0121004128 is a great starter kit. It contains six 2 oz. bottles of color‚ÄîArylide Yellow Medium, Burnt Umber, Carbon Black, Permanent Crimson, Phthalo Blue Green Shade, and Titanium White. Set #121004129 is my favorite. It contains six 2 oz. bottles of iridescent paints‚ÄîIridescent Bronze, Iridescent Copper, Iridescent Gold Deep, Iridescent Pale Gold, Iridescent Pearl, and Iridescent Silver—îperfect for the holidays and year round. They are the most intense, bold metal paints that I have ever worked with.

Americana 34-Color Value Packs
americana 34 color value packsDecoArt recently came out with an Americana premium matte acrylic paint set. It contains 32 popular primary and secondary colors in .125 oz. paint pots plus 2 oz. bottles of Lamp (Ebony) Black and Snow (Titanium) White. There is enough paint in these kits to cover 40 sq. ft. I love this idea‚Äîit‚Äôs a cost-effective way for you to have a wide range of color options for your painting needs. The matte acrylic set (#DASK293) is ideal for wood, canvas, papier-mâché, resin, bisque, foam, and more. The gloss acrylic set (#DASK292) includes 32 gloss paints in .125 oz. paint pots plus 2 oz. bottles of Black and White. This set will adhere to glass, glazed ceramics, wood, canvas, resin, papier-mâché, and more. These kits are great to use at painting parties for artists of all ages and abilities!

Jacquard Silk Colors Kit
Rupert, Gibbon and Spider, Inc. | www.jacquardproducts.comjacquard silk colors kit
Jacquard Silk Colors are dyes for painting on silk and wool, and can be used to create fantastic home d√©cor accents as well as fashionable, wearable art. This start-up kit (Jacquard Silk Colors Kit, #JAC1773) includes a 177 ml bottle of Permanent Dyeset Concentrate (to set colors), a 660 ml bottle of Water-Based Resist, a 1/2 oz. plastic dispenser bottle and .7 mm applicator tip, a 5/8" bamboo brush, four 60 ml bottles of Silk Colors (Black, Blue [Cyan], Magenta, and Yellow—you can mix other colors using the three primary colors), and an easy-to-follow instruction/idea booklet that covers the basics of silk painting. If you've never used silk dyes, here's a great place to start!

Margot's Deluxe MUD Kit
Margot A. Clark, Inc. |
mud kitIf you love creating art that consists of strokework, texture, and dimension, then you must check out Margot's Deluxe MUD Kit. Margot Clark's MUD product is a unique texture painting medium that can be air-dried or kiln-fired. It can be applied on almost any surface, including cardstock; paper bags; decorative wood pieces (or furniture); satin-finish Christmas balls; jars, lamps, or vases with etched or frosted finishes; float/window glass; terra-cotta; ceramic; porcelain; and more. Margot thought of everything when designing her kit. Besides supplying all the products and tools needed to "mud," Margot prepared easy-to-follow painting instructions with color worksheets and photos. The Deluxe Kit contains the following: 4 oz. jar of Margot's MUD, 4 oz. jar of Margot's Black MUD, 2 oz. bottle of Margot's MUD Medium, Margot's Miracle Brush, two stainless steel writing tips, four disposable pastry bags, two coupler sets, instructions, storage container with sponge, and three pieces of colorful cardstock for creating card fronts (designs will vary).

Bob Ross Flower Painting Kit
Martin/F. Weber |
bob ross flower painting kitThe Bob Ross Flower Painting Kit, #R6470, contains everything that you need to create gorgeous flowers the Bob Ross way. The kit includes the following: Four Bob Ross brushes (1" Landscape, 1/2" Floral Bright, #12 Floral Filbert, and #2 Script Liner), eight 37 ml tubes of Bob Ross Soft Oil Colors (Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow Light, Flower Pink, Mauve, Sap Green, Titanium White, Turquoise, and Ultramarine Blue), Bob Ross Liquid White Oil Paint, Bob Ross Oil Paint Medium, Bob Ross Odorless Thinner. It also has excellent step-by step-instructions, color step-by-step photos, and "how-to" basics. I loved working with the kit and trying Bob Ross's techniques. It opened my eyes to a different way of creating soft, delicate floral paintings. This is a great gift for any time of year— be sure to treat
yourself to these stunning spring colors!

Martha Stewart Crafts Craft Paint and Kits
Plaid Enterprises |
martha stewart crafts paintPlaid recently released Martha Stewart's new line of craft paints, tools, and accessories. martha kitsOne item that caught my eye was the Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit, which is available in Satin Finish (#32242) and Gloss/Metallic/Pearl Finish (#32241). The kit contains a 6 oz. spray paint medium (use to thin Martha Stewart paints to correct consistency for spraying), two mixing bottles with caps, and a 1.9 oz. sprayer. The kit creates up to 12 oz. of liquid. The spray gun will make basecoating a breeze. Using this sprayer to stencil makes the task quick and easy too. The Martha Stewart Crafts paint line is waterbased and nontoxic, it is designed to work on all surfaces, and it is appropriate for indoor/outdoor use. Plaid also created convenient "one-stop shop" kits that contain ten 2 oz. bottle sets available in Satin, Pearl/Metallic, and Glitter finishes. Currently, these products can be purchased through Plaid’s website and at Michaels Stores.