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I want to express to you the importance of being willing to try something new. I have an incredible amount of fun working with all the products I review. When I test nd experiment a new product or medium, my creative juices go in to overtime. Some of my favorite designs evolved from a "try something new monent." So come on everybody, and have a "try something new" moment with me!

- Kathi

Piñata Color

Mixed Media MadnessEndless possibilities await you when you create with Pinata Color by Jacquard. Piñata Color is an alcohol-based ink that is transparent, acid-free, and color saturated. It is also indelible and moisture resistant. Piñata Color can be applied to both porous and nonporous oil-free surfaces, including glass, metal, shrink plastic, coated paper, foil, leather, suede, vinyl, acrylic, and rubber! This wonderful bold pigment can be applied with a traditional brush, spray bottle, sponge, airbrush, stamp, or pen. The Exciter Pack (item #JAC9916) includes nine different colors and is Jacquard’s starter set. You are going to love creating with this product. It produces the most beautiful glass verre glas effects on glass; polymer clay designs pop when you apply this bold luminous color on them; old, dull leather turns into beautiful colorful accessories; and plain white paper becomes a rainbow of color selections—the list goes on and on! Visit the Jacquard website for a full list of product colors, additional product information, and project ideas.

Bob Ross Complete Cleaning System | www.weberart.comsavvy studio

The Bob Ross Complete Cleaning System is packaged in a convenient, money-saving unit. It includes 1.89L Bob Ross Odorless Thinner, a Bob Ross Brush Beater Rack, and a Brush Cleaning Screen. The large bucket container accommodates brushes of all sizes. Acrylic painters can also use this system; just fill the container with water instead of thinner.
My good friend and talented certified Bob Ross artist Patricia Reichenbach swears by this brush cleaning system. Her brushes last longer because they have been cleaned gently and thoroughly, plus the self-contained design eliminates any thinner spillage or splash in her painting area. She shared this interesting information with me about how this system was first conceived. Bob Ross always used the leg of his easel to “beat” his brush after cleaning it in Bob Ross Odorless Turp. Of course, that is not practical in most households and studios, thus the reason for this rack and screen system. It’s easy to use—just place the screen in the bottom of the bucket, and then fill it with thinner to about one inch above the screen. To clean your brush, gently run it across the screen at the bottom of the container. To dry and remove excess thinner from your brush, place the rack in an office-size trash can and beat the brush against the rack.
(Patricia’s tip: Place a Ziplock freezer bag in the container prior to adding thinner. When you are done painting, remove the screen, allow the paint to settle on the bottom, then simply pour off the clean thinner into another container, and discard the paint sludge in the bag.)

Basswood Canvas

cool mixed media canvasThe assorted sizes of Basswood Canvases by Walnut Hollow are the newest cool ideas since sliced bread. Basswood Canvas is a wraparound canvas made of smooth, premium basswood. The wood is kiln dried, sanded, and ready to use. The sides of the canvas are made of pinewood, which does not flex, stretch, or warp. The unique design can also be reversed and utilized as an open-faced shadow box. Basswood has no pitch or grain, so it will not interfere with any medium applied to the surface. Acrylics adhere with ease, but you can also apply encaustic, fiber art, collage, and silk dyes. It also works wonderfully as a surface for woodburning or wood-carved designs. This is the perfect mixed-media surface, plus it is ready to hang the minute you finish it, unless you choose to accent it with a traditional frame.

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Professional Hotknife

Walnut Hollow has an unbelievable tool selection for artisans of all types. I highly suggest you check out their website and try using some of their tools to embellish your paintings. Today, I want to discuss a tool that has made my life so much easier. It is the Professional Hotknife (item #29639). This hot tool evenly and effortlessly cuts foam core board into the exact size or shape you need, and gives you the option of having the edges straight or beveled. At one time, I dreaded the thought of cutting foam board. The edges were ragged, the board would crack or crease if I used too much pressure, and I detested cleaning up the loose particles that flew all over the studio. This great tool can cut, shape, shave down, and carve soap, candle wax, foam figures, and more. The Hotknife set includes a 950-degree tool with an on/off switch, two hotknife points, a stand, and instructions.

Bob Ross Essential Getting Started Brush Set | www.weberart.comsavvy studio

Everything you need for getting started in the Bob Ross wet-on-wet oil paint technique is in the Bob Ross Essential Getting Started Brush Set. Packed in a sleek, convenient brush case, the set contains four brushes: a 1" landscape, 2" landscape, #6 fan, and #2 script liner brush. The case is constructed of finely woven water-resistant material, and has a comfortable handle for easy transport. The brushes rest snuggly in their own clear vinyl pocket, which has a flexible elastic support for long-handle brushes.