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   20+ Stellar Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

December is my favorite month of the year—holiday gatherings, festive decorations, beautifully wrapped presents under the tree, and the ever-anticipated Christmas stocking filled with special treats. December also kicks off Paintworks’ 20th anniversary celebration. To help celebrate this extraordinary accomplishment, I found twenty really cool stocking stuffer ideas for you, plus a few added bonuses!

- Kathi

The Perfect Bow Maker
Cupboard Distributing
Make perfect bows every time with this easy-to-use wooden bow maker. Go to for step-by-step video instructions on how to use this product .

Cheek Chalks Kit
Metallic Gold Rub-On

Cupboard Distributing
Cheek Chalks are pure chalk, contain no oils (like blush makeup), and are available in three blush colors—Ruddy Red, Red, and Pink. Metallic Gold Glimmer Rub-On is a nonopaque cream that makes beautiful halos around candle flames, angels, moonlight, etc. Click here for additional details on how to use both products. (PDF)

“The Masters” Artist Survival Kit

General Pencil Co. (
“The Masters” Brush Cleaner removes all types of paint from brushes (even dry oil paint) and conditions as well. “The Masters” Hand Soap removes paint, grease, ink, and more without drying your skin. Kiss-Off Stain Remover successfully removes paint, lipstick, blood, and mystery spots out of clothing and other surfaces. All three cleaning components are found in the Artist Survival Kit (#116-VPSK) and are also sold individually.

Pin and Pendant Painting Kits

Della and Company (
Della and some of her creative artist friends have come up with a variety of cute metal-shaped pin and pendant kits complete with photos and painting directions. For a complete list of packet options, go to Della and Company’s website.

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Plaid Enterprises
I just love Mod Podge and the numerous cool things you can do with it! Mod Podge is a waterbased sealer, a decoupage glue, and a final finish all in one. You can adhere almost anything to most porous surfaces, glass, and ceramics using Mod Podge. For ideas and additional information, check out Plaid’s website. If you love texture and dimension, you must try creating decoupage designs with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.

Aqua-Flo Brush Set
Royal Brush Mfg. (
This unique water/brush system is the perfect tool when you want to paint in watercolors and there is no water available. Easy to use, just fill the barrel portion with water and go! When it’s time to paint, gently squeeze the barrel handle to release water into the paint. The set includes a small, a medium, and a large brush.

Getting Started With:
Pastel Chalk
Charcoal (#57139-BP), and
Graphite (#97139-BP)
General’s 3-in-1 Art & Craft Sharpener

General Pencil Co. (
I think that these three kits are the best new inventions since sliced bread. Each kit contains a sampling of several drawing tools in that medium (sticks, pencils, etc.) as well as an eraser and pencil sharpener. They are the perfect kit for “on-the-go art” or trying out a new medium for the first time. General’s 3-in-1 Art & Craft Sharpener is a must for any pencil artist. It has three different sharpening areas to accommodate various-sized pencils, stainless steel blades for precise sharpening, and easy open and close canisters to hold your pencil shavings, and is priced just right!

Wet Canvas Clip Carriers

Martin F. Weber Co.
When you insert these uniquely designed metal clips on the edges of two wood frame canvases, the clip shapes slightly separate both canvases (preventing smears) and at the same time hold the canvases together for easy transport (#92-5150—2 pack).

Museum Tube Squeezer

Martin Universal Design, Inc. (
Get the most bang for your buck by squeezing every last drop of paint from the tube, using the Museum Tube Squeezer (#U-TW101). This tube squeezer is priced right, accommodates every paint tube size, and the roller bar effortlessly squeezes out paint.

Glamour Dust
DecoArt (
Glitter is always popular, but is especially hot during the holidays. Glamour Dust is DecoArt’s new ultrafine glitter paint and is available in assorted colors. The easy brush-on formula is ideal for use on wood, paper, ceramic bisque, canvas, glass, and more. What I really like about Glamour Dust is that I can control the amount of shimmer (more coats = more shimmer).

Moon Scrubber Brush
Scharff Brushes, Inc.
(Series 285) The moon scrubber is a very unique brush because it performs exceptionally in several different aspects of art/design applications. It is a wonderful brush for fabric painting, an excellent choice for rouging and applying color in and around the edge of a stencil design, and a wonderful tool for blending colored pencil.

  savvy studio stocking stuffers
stocking stuffers

Lighted Pop-Up Magnifier
Mighty Bright (
This compact, pop-up magnifier (2" x 2") contains an LED light and 6x bifocal lens. It allows you to see little details twice as big and considerably brighter. It’s available in three colors (purple, silver, and blue), and will fit perfectly in a purse, glove box, or paint box.

Palette Watch and Wooden Snowflake Accents
Bear With Us (
Just in time for Christmas! What artist doesn’t like jewelry? This striking palette watch (#2466B) features a black band and elegantly says, “I’m an artist and I’m proud of it.” Also, I just love these cute wooden snowflake accents. Just pop them out and adhere to surface of choice. They look great as dimensional accents on tags, cards, photo mats, or painted holiday designs.

Duck Tape Paint Markers
Uchida of America, Corp. (
These quick-drying, nontoxic, permanent-pigment paint markers from Marvy Uchida are great for drawing and writing on duct tape (the new “hot” art medium) as well as stone, glass, metal, porcelain, and wood. Available in assorted colors.

15a and 15b.
IPC Brush Sets

Dynasty (
IPC stands for Ink, pastel, and chalk. These unique brushes come in three-piece sets of various brush shapes and assorted foam tip blenders. They were formulated for optimal beauty and performance when working in the above mediums

Elegant Writers and Calligraphy Pen/Nibs Set

Speedball Art Products (
Elegant Writers are acid-free calligraphy marker pens that are available in black and multicolored ink. The “Special Occasion Set” is perfect for the holidays; it contains red, green, gold, and silver pens, plus an instructional booklet that shows you how to create beautiful calligraphy letters. The Artist #5 Calligraphy Set contains two handles and a wide assortment of nib shapes, and is perfect for calligraphers of all levels.

Foster Hand Drill for Wood
Foster, A Divison of Jarden Corp. (
This small drill comes with three bits, fits comfortably in your hand, and effortlessly drills holes in wooden cutouts. Just unscrew the handle collar, insert the bit, retighten the collar, and then gently rotate drill clockwise on wood. What a nifty little tool!

FolkArt Extreme Glitter Acrylic Paint
Plaid Enterprises (
Extreme Glitter is a glitter paint with an extreme personality. You can create a wide range of glitter effects with Extreme Glitter—especially superbling! Its brush-on formula is waterbased and nontoxic, and can be used on most porous surfaces.

Soft-Grip Embossing & Stylus Set

Royal Brush Mfg. (
The easy-grip handles of these tools are composed of a soft, spongy material that is durable and designed to provide ultimate comfort. Your hands won’t cramp up when transferring lines or creating embossed stencil lines!

Handy Tools from Rebecca Baer

Rebecca Baer, Inc. (
Here are three handy artist tools that make design and cleanup a breeze.
The Border Tool (#UT-BT) makes corner designs/linework quick, easy, and precise. The Resizing Wheel-Proportional Scale (#APS-69) is an essential tool for a nyone who wants to enlarge or reduce a design. The Triple-Well Brush Washer (#BrushWshr) serves many purposes. Having three separate water compartments is a dream for watercolor painters. During cleanup in any medium, your brushes are given a first, second, and final rinse.