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Americana Decor Products
DecoArt Inc.

Home décor has never been easier! What initially piqued my curiosity and made me want to try out this new product line were the comments that I had heard from different artists who had already worked with these products. I heard things like “You really don’t have to prime or sand the surface,” and “I was amazed at how easy it adhered to slick surfaces,” or “I got beautiful one-coat coverage.” But the best comment of all was, “This paint is so easy to distress.” I finally had to try them myself to see if these comments were fact or fiction. Well, I did try them out and all I can say is that everything they said was TRUE!

The things you can do with this paint are unbelievable. It is truly a decorator’s dream come true. There are 29 matte colors available in the paint line, and they come in 4 oz. and 8 oz. containers. This makes it possible to create all types of color schemes. You can paint something for every style from shabby chic, country farmhouse, and an elegant classic look to a contemporary vibe. Creating the perfect home accent is now achievable in a few easy steps. You can create a wash by thinning the paint with water. You can create layers of color and distress or resist the top surface color. You can stencil, drybrush, transfer images, crackle the surface, and even choose what type of finish you want (wax or varnish). Every product in this line works hand-in-hand with each other. The paints are all low odor and waterbased, and require an easy soap-and-water cleanup.

These paints are currently available at and come in 8 oz. jars and 16 oz. cans. For additional tips, techniques, product information, and project ideas for all the Americana Decor products, visit

Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paints

These wonderful new paints are formulated with a heavy solids content which is why one coat is usually all you need. Once the color has dried, the surface color is very durable. These paints were specially formulated to adhere to wood, metal, laminate, glass, terra cotta, walls, unglazed ceramics, and more (you can apply them on almost any surface). You can distress a surface using a water technique or sandpaper. A water-distress look is softer. Sandpaper will give a more traditional distress look. (Note: Do not use steel wool with this paint to distress, as it will leave a gray stain.) These paints also allow you the option of applying a petroleum jelly resist as well as a wax resist. Again, each look is slightly different. Because this paint glides on so smoothly, stenciling a design on a surface is very easy and the image always looks clean and crisp. The smoothness of this paint also allows you to create beautiful drybrushing effects.

Americana Decor Crème Wax

Why wax instead of varnish? Using wax as a topcoat protection creates a look all its own AND you also have more control over the finished look. This waterbased wax is available in Clear, Golden Brown, and Deep Brown. When applied over Chalky Finish Paints (which are very porous), the wax penetrates the paint and actually fuses with it. This makes for a strong layer of protection against daily use. The wax is creamy instead of hard like most other waxes, and can be applied easily over a smooth or raised surface with either a brush or a soft, clean cloth. Waxing should only be done on indoor surfaces. The wax should be reapplied regularly to keep the surface protected and the finish looking fresh. This elegant look is worth the extra effort. (Note: You should never apply another layer of paint over a waxed finish.) You can create other cool effects with these waxes. You can achieve a washed look by tinting the clear wax with a lighter paint color than the surface color. You can tint it with acrylic metallic paint and get a metallic finish. You can also distress a surface after you have applied clear wax over it. The Golden and Deep Brown waxes will change the intensity of the surface color, which helps give the appearance of aged wood. You apply these intense stains over the clear wax, and while the stain is still fresh, wipe back excess color until you achieve the color/look you want. Note: Never apply these dark waxes directly over paint or raw, exposed wood, as they will seep into the surface and stain it.

Americana Decor Varnish

There are three different varnishes available in this line: Soft-Touch, Light Satin, and Ultra-Matte. Using the Soft-Touch Varnish will give a velvety feel to the finished surface. Do not let the look fool you, as this is a durable polyurethane finish. The Light Satin Varnish leaves a hint of sheen on the surface. The Ultra-Matte Varnish was formulated to produce a no-sheen, no-glare finish. All three varnishes are waterbased, low odor, and resistant to scratches, scuff marks, and fingerprints. They are durable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, and are resistant to household cleaning chemicals.

Americana Decor Stain Blocker

Applying Stain Blocker before you begin to paint is a very important step, especially if you are painting on any type of wood that has high amounts of tannins in it (redwood, knotty pine, cedar, etc.). The tannins in these types of wood can seep or bleed through paint and discolor it. Stain Blocker is also your best friend if you are refinishing a surface where areas of the finish have worn away and a previous stain has been exposed that you want covered up. Apply Stain Blocker over the paint, let it cure three to five days, and then repaint. Note: I use Stain Blocker as my primer/sealer over any wood where I think a stain may appear.

Americana Decor Image Transfer Medium

The Image Transfer Medium is perfect for transferring laser copies onto a surface to add imagery to any piece of furniture or home décor accent piece. It is waterbased, requiring only a soap-and-water cleanup. Image Transfer Medium dries clear and will not change the sheen of the surface paint. The medium is also low odor and permanent. Transferring images sometimes can be challenging. I find that this formula really works well and my images always end up clear and crisp. Note: Image Transfer Medium can also be used as a topcoat for additional protection over the image.

Americana Decor Crackle Medium

I don’t know about you, but sometimes in the past when I crackled a surface it was somewhat of a guessing game with me and I never truly knew what the end results would be. Because DecoArt specifically formulated this Americana Decor Crackle Medium to work hand-in-hand with their Americana Decor Paints, you are in total control of the process. You can achieve several different crackle effects with this medium. As with all their Americana Decor products, it is low odor and waterbased.



Vitrea 160 Glass Paint

Vitrea 160 Glass Paint by Pebeo is the most brilliant, transparent color glass paint that I have ever worked with. The palette consists of 35 colors in three different finishes: Glossy (20 colors), Frosted (10 colors), and Shimmer (5 colors). The corresponding mediums—Gloss Medium, Frost Medium, Iridescent Medium, and Thinner—can be mixed with the paint to create endless effects. Pebeo also manufactures Transparent Outliners in 10 colors, offering a thicker consistency “paste” form so that you can create faux-lead line designs. The Vitrea 160 line also features Paint Markers in 18 colors: Glossy (9 colors) and Frosted (9 colors). They make personalizing or applying detail linework easy and very controlled. All Vitrea 160 products can be applied to any glass or crystal object, and the liquid colors can be brushed on, poured on, or applied/painted between faux-leaded linework. These paints become permanent, dishwasher-safe, and resistant to detergents and common solvents by allowing them to air-dry for 24 hours and baking in an oven (for complete baking instructions, refer to the product label). After baking in the oven, the color is stronger and more intense.

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