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Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are my favorite time of year. There is magic in the air and everyone’s creative side comes out whether it is through decorating his or her home, baking holiday treats, cooking the perfect meal, wrapping gifts when no one is around to sneak a peak, creating homemade gifts, or hunting for the perfect store-bought gift for someone special. If you have any artist friends (young or old) and you are planning to give the gift of art, here are a few great finds that I found.

Donna Dewberry wOil Painting Kits
Martin/F. Weber

Donna Dewberry is known around the world for her beautiful acrylic techniques, and now she has taken her art form to the next level by creating art using wOil Water Mixable Oil Colors by Martin/F. Weber. Donna loves working with the wOils because the paint consistency works fantastic for her techniques and the vibrant colors make her designs come alive. She says wOils allow her to achieve the pizzazz of painting with oils with the ease of using acrylics—and cleanup is done with soap and water. Donna’s wOil painting kits contain all the supplies (excluding surfaces) and instructions needed to create the four projects in each specific kit. She loves the fact that all you have to do is grab your kit, pick out a canvas, and then start having fun! You will find two landscapes and two floral project designs in the Donna Dewberry wOil Ultimate Beginner Kit, and the Donna Dewberry wOil Floral Painting for Beginners Kit shows you how to create four different floral designs. Each kit contains eight 37ml tubes of wOil paint, three wOil paintbrushes (#6 Perfect Bright, #8 Perfect Flat, #0 Perfect Round), wOil Fast Dry Medium, a stainless steel diamond-edge palette knife, a 2-hour instructional DVD, and a thorough 16-page instructional workbook featuring full-color step-by-step worksheets. These kits have something for everyone who wants to learn to paint in oils! For those artists who already have wOils and painting supplies, you can purchase Donna’s DVD and instructional booklet separately. For more information, check out all Donna has to offer at For more information on wOils, go to

Masterson Aqua Pro Watercolor Palette
Masterson Art Products

Masterson Art Products has created the ultimate watercolor palette to complete their line of elite palettes that are designed to meet the needs of each particular medium. The Aqua Pro Watercolor Palette is an injection-mold palette (which is a much sturdier palette than a vacuum-mold palette) with three divided mixing areas (especially great to keep large puddles of paint separated) and thirty-two wells to accommodate all your watercolor paints. The lid provides an additional large mixing area while painting too! In addition, this palette comes with eight small rubber discs to affix to the tray and lid that will keep your palette surfaces stationary when painting. I love the fact that there is a lid provided with this palette because it makes transporting the palette from place to place a breeze and also keeps your paint from collecting dirt particles when not in use. You can find this wonderful palette at and at most local art stores.

Cobra Water Mixable Oil Colours
Royal Talens

As I researched Cobra Water Mixable Oil Colours, I found it amazing that Royal Talens’s intended formula goal was more than just creating an oil paint that you could mix, thin, and clean up with water (eliminating the need for harsh solvents). They also wanted the mediums that they created for this line to be able to mix with water so that every element in the line worked hand in hand to create and preserve the “fat” (thickness) of every layer of paint applied to a surface. Cobra Water Mixable Oils, which are artist-grade pigments, glide and blend effortlessly on your painting surface without any tack or pull. They are available in 40ml and 150ml tubes and seventy brilliant colors. Artists of all ages would love to receive the Cobra Set #21820511, which is an all-inclusive set that contains ten 40ml tubes of paint, two long-handled Cobra Oil paintbrushes (#4 and #10 flats), a jar of Water Mixable Oil Colour Painting Medium (adding painting medium to the paint will make it smoother and “fatter” so that brushstrokes are less distinct), and a clip-on double-well medium holder. This kit is the perfect way to get started, as it contains all your basic Cobra supplies. They also make a kit with ten 40ml tubes of Cobra Water Mixable Oil Colours. Note: If you like to add special effects to your paintings, you will definitely want to try out a tube of the Cobra Painting Paste 087; it is a thick gel medium (the same thickness of Cobra tube paint) that can be mixed with Cobra paints in any ratio. Cobra Water Mixable Glazing Medium is also available. All Cobra products are available through Dick Blick and your local fine art store. For additional information about Cobra Water Mixable Oils, visit

Canson Art Book: Inspiration

Sketching is a wonderful way to document travel memories as well as to hone your drawing skills. Canson offers a wide variety of sketchbooks, and one of my favorites is their crafted Caheir sketchbook called Canson Art Book: Inspiration. It is sleek, flexible, lightweight, and stitch bound. The cover has rounded corners and is made of heavy weight MiTeintes paper, which can be personalized. The sketch paper inside is a French-made, acid-free, OBA-free, 65 lb. fine-grain paper with excellent erasability capabilities. This sketchbook is ideal for pen-and-ink art, light watercolor pencil washes, and all types of pencil art. Because the sketchbooks are so economical to use, I usually have more than one of them in my travel art bag in case I want to dedicate one full book to a specific theme or study. Inspiration Art Books can be purchased in most art stores and through several online websites, such as Dick Blick. They are packaged in two packs, are available in three different sizes, and come in black/dark grey, tobacco/oyster, wineless/red earth, and indigo blue/lavender blue. They are the perfect gift for any artist, including you! (FYI: Don’t forget to visit to peruse their video clips, project ideas, and more!)

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