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Fall Finds

Hi, everyone. I hope summer is treating you well and that you are taking advantage of the beautiful weather and creating outdoors as well as in your studio area. I am excited to share several new paintable surfaces that I found in my travels, as well as some wonderful new paint products that create amazing effects in your work and are compatible with almost every other type of paint on the market.

Mi-Teintes Touch

I am really excited about Canson's new Mi-Teintes Touch paper. Artists, myself included, are calling it the ultimate sanded pastel paper! It has a unique microabrasive surface (created by a sanded primer) that allows pigments to easily glide across it while depositing rich layers of color. Even though this innovative surface was especially designed for dry pastel work, it beautifully showcases charcoal, colored pencil, and oil pastel art (it even accepts acrylic paint). Colors really pop on Mi-Teintes Touch paper, adding depth and dimension to your work. Shading, fine lines, and detail work are easily illustrated on this surface as well. Mi-Teintes Touch comes in a variety of sizes (and also on boards). It is available in white, cream, and a variety of cool blues, and warm earth and gray tones. Most art and craft stores are now carrying this wonderful paper, and it is also available online. I highly recommend any type of pencil artist to try this new surface—you will be amazed!

Arches Oil Paper

I have always loved creating art on paper surfaces, and now, thanks to Canson's new revolutionary Arches Oil Paper, I can use oil paint on paper too! Arches Oil Paper is a 140 lb. French-made paper that has an internal and external barrier that surrounds the individual fibers of the paper and protects them from oxidation of the oils. This powerful and efficient oil-barrier feature will absorb water, solvents, and binders evenly while allowing the paint/pigment to remain on the surface. Each sheet of Arches Oil Paper requires no prep—you just paint right on the sheet. As an added bonus, there are additional ways that you can utilize this wonderful surface, such as stretching it over wooden stretcher bars (just like canvas) prior to color applications, or you can also mount it to a rigid surface (wood panel, art board, etc.) using matte acrylic gel medium. Oil pastels, in combination with solvents and oil mediums, also work well on Arches Oil Paper, and because this paper has a hard sizing, you can print on this paper. You can also use Arches Oil Paper when working with acrylics and acrylic mediums, but remember that any type of 140 lb. paper can buckle if you are using acrylic techniques that require excess moisture. You will love creating art on this ready-to-use, easy-to-store, lightweight surface that is ideal for travel or the studio. It is available in individual 22" x 30" sheets or a 51" x 10 yd. roll. It can be purchased online at Dick Blick, or in most art and craft stores nationwide. For additional information about this revolutionary new paper product, check out

Bluefig Paint Wagon

Bluefig has designed several great products for carrying and housing art supplies that utilize every possible area within the confines of the item, creating maximum storage capacity for each shape and size. They have a large tote container on wheels with a telescoping handle, a backpack-style Artist Tote, a great easel brush holder, Paint Wagons (today's highlighted item), and a 3-in-1 carrying system (containing all the above items). The Paint Wagon is awesome; it is designed to compactly hold 21 standard-size paint bottles, and when it is zipped shut, you no longer have to worry about spilled paints while traveling. It folds flat when not in use, and easily opens into a 10-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 3" rectangle case that you can place on a studio table or pop into your travel bag. I saved the best news for last—all the above Bluefig products are PAINTABLE! Each surface is smooth and flexible, accepts all types of paints, and comes in five great colors (lime, pink, purple, red, and black)—each makes a great background for any style painted design. If you have any questions, contact or visit their website:

Lumiere Metallic Paint

What I absolutely love about this new paint line is how versatile the product is. You can use it alone or combine it with several of Jacquard's other product lines (like Neopaque, Dye-Na-Flow, and Textile Colors) to create different looks. Lumiere is a light-bodied metallic acrylic paint that can be applied to almost any surface. It is buttery in consistency and formulated not to run. It can be applied using a brush, a stamp/stamp pad, or a squirt bottle, or it can even be air-brushed. It is available in 32 highly pigmented colors that you can use alone or mix together to create additional colors. You can also increase the transparency of a color by adding Jacquard's Flowable Extender to it, or if you want to increase the flowability of a color, you can add up to 25% water to the paint. See what I mean about versatile? Lumiere can also be applied on top of all types of paints (except oil paint) and adds awesome effects to mixed-media projects. You can find this wonderful new product in most art and craft stores as well as online at

Lumiere 3D Adhesive & Dimensional Metallic Paint

NEW Lumiere 3D is a dimensional metallic paint and adhesive all in one! This pearlescent metallic paint comes in a squeeze bottle with a writing tip for easy application, plus you can purchase a three-pack set of "fine-line" tips that you can pop on the existing tip to create a variety of fine-line embellishments. This 3D paint will adhere to paper, wood, fabric, ribbon, leather, gourds, plastic, and more. Besides being a wonderful color embellishment tool, Lumiere 3D is also a great bead glue and a superstrong fabric glue, and can also securely adhere buttons, jewels, and small objects onto any surface. I love combining it with the Lumiere Metallic Paint to create dimensional metallic designs, but it also creates great dimensional effects with other mediums. (It can be applied over all mediums except oil paint.) Lumiere 3D paint is available in 25 colors and is completely washable after it has dried thoroughly.

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