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Mom always said, “The key to organization is to have a place for everything and keep everything in its place,” and she was right! The biggest deterrent to painting is dealing with clutter, and trying to find tools and other supplies. Everything is easier and much more fun when you’re organized—and having the proper storage is the secret to organized success. If it’s not easy to maintain, it won’t happen. Starting small is the first step. These handy totes make organization simple.

Tote-ally Cool Tote

The pink Tote-ally Cool Tote has 28 assorted pockets and pouches for keeping all your frequently used tools at your fingertips. Elastic loops at the top keep brushes straight and protected. The durable construction easily holds the weight of many bottles of paint and mediums. One of the best features is the spinning carousel that attaches to the bottom to allow for 360° spinning access. Conveniently store everything needed for your next project, including a full-size palette! How nice to be able to grab the tote and paint. If you paint with a friend or club, the tote is ready to go. There’s even room for a soda and sandwich!

Creative Options Collapsible Tote

The stylish Collapsible Tote features an open top for easy access. The main compartment has 7 pockets inside and 22 additional pockets on the outside. With all the pockets, everything will definitely have its place. This tote is smaller than the Tote-ally Cool Tote, yet it has ample room for organizing projects. Fill with patterns, paint, brushes and tools. Thinking outside the box, put one in the bathroom to hold hairbrushes, makeup, shampoo, lotion, and more. Make a handywoman’s tote filled with a hammer, pliers, and a measuring tape—everything needed for small projects. You can also use it to hold general craft and scrapbooking supplies. When not in use, you can collapse the tote for easy storage.

Creative Options Craft Caddy

The matching Craft Caddy has an open top for easy access. It offers additional storage with the 8 exterior pockets. The roomy main compartment has a secret: the inner section is removable and becomes a handy tote on its own! This tote is not only perfect for painting supplies, but it also can be used for knitting supplies, sewing notions, general craft supplies, scrapbooking supplies, and more. It is a great size for storing a child’s crayons, pencils, scissors, and other craft supplies. Each child could have his or her very own tote, making craft time a snap. It is also small enough to put in the car to organize sunglasses, pens, tissues, maps, keys, and phone cords.

The Craft Tote

The possibilities for the Craft Tote are endless. It is a really nice size for gardening supplies, sewing notions, painting supplies, kids’ crafts, toys, cleaning supplies—the list goes on and on. Make this tote a mini desk to organize monthly bills, mail, pens, stamps, staplers, envelopes, and more.

All of these totes can be embellished with designs, flowers, words of wisdom, or names to personalize. Also, all totes have sturdy reinforced handles to eliminate concern when transporting and hanging, even when packed full!

It is amazing how much will fit into any of these totes. Because they are made from durable, flexible canvas, it seems there is always room for one more item. These are not only great for storage, but they also make wonderful gifts. Add a personal touch with paint and fill with garden tools, spaghetti dinner fixings, new baby items, house-warming gifts, new painter starter sets, and more! On the home décor spectrum, a row of totes will look beautiful, will keep everything organized, will save time and, best of all, will make painting easier!

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