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Let’s Talk Embellishments!

I just love dimensional art. There are a variety of materials for purchase that can be used to create dimensional art or to give the effect of appearing dimensional. Here are some of my favorites!

Stencils from Rebecca Baer, Inc.

Utilizing a soft stencil design can change the look and feel of a painting. If you appreciate elegant flowing lines within a design, you will love Rebecca Baer’s Simply Elegant Stencil line that features 26 stencils, including Baroque Borders, Scrollwork Background, and Classic Curves templates. Her Diamond Plaid Masquerade and Paisley Swirl Background stencils are great for background patterns, and the border templates offer endless possibilities. My favorite border is the Asian Influence stencil.
Rebecca also created Petite and Elegant Stencils, a line of smaller stencils that work well on smaller surfaces or in small areas of a large design. The Houndstooth stencil leaves a very unique pattern, and you can never go wrong with a classic look like the Trellis and Trims stencil. Rebecca’s stencil designs have a soft edge and the pattern lines flow very naturally. To accomplish this look, she hand-paints all her template patterns instead of just creating a line design. On the back of her packaging, you will find great tips on how to clean, care for, and use the stencils.

Kimberly Watercolor Pencil
and MultiPastel Pastel Pencils

General Pencil Co.
Available at

Taking the time to add colored-pigment pencil embellishments to a painting or mixed-media design can create some eye-catching areas of interest. Two of my favorites for adding embellishments are watercolor and pastel-pigment pencils. I use the General Pencil brand because the pigment cores are artist-grade, resulting in rich and bold color. They are compatible with inks, mediums, and all types of paint (except oil paint).
Kimberly Watercolor Pencils can be used under or over all other art products (except oil paint). You can add beautiful soft color lines on a design by drawing with them on a dry surface (leave them as is or run a damp brush over the lines to turn them into paint), or create bold color lines by drawing with them on a wet surface. The pencils can also be used to block in large areas with color (activate the color area with water to create large color areas of paint).
General’s MultiPastel Pastel Pencils are a great color addition to any piece of artwork. You can utilize the tip for great linework embellishments, rouge additional color in an area, or even alter the temperature of an existing color by coloring over it. Sealing the pigment is easy. If working over paint, spray it with a sealer; if working on paper, simply burnish the pigment into the surface by laying a piece of tissue paper over it and rubbing over the tissue with a metal spoon.
Both of these amazing pencil lines are available in sets of 8, 12, and 24, and they can be purchased online or at art and craft stores nationwide.

Oil Paint Artist’s Paintstik Oil Colors
Available at and

Shiva Artist’s Oil Paintstik Oil Colors are a quick, easy, and controlled way to rouge color in a stencil design area, create a distressed rubbing effect on a background, or give a design a great aged, antique look. I love the fact that you can also apply them directly on a stamp and then stamp gorgeous color-combination accent designs. They can be applied on wood, paper, canvas, glass, and fabric; and they are self-sealing so that the color won’t rub off or dry out (they always stay moist and fresh). Artist’s Paintstik Oil Colors can be used alone or in conjunction with conventional oil paints. They dry in 24 hours (in most cases) and contain no unpleasant odors or fumes. Cleanup is a breeze—no solvents are necessary; just use soap and water! They come in a wide range of colors, and are sold individually and in sets. Iridescent colors can be used alone for “bling” color or combined with regular-color sticks for soft shimmery color effects.

Patricia Rawlinson’s Creative Arts Lifestyle

Everyone should visit the Creative Arts Lifestyle website. It contains not only a wide and varied assortment of art products for sale, but also informational blurbs and videos that explain the products and creative ways to use them. As I browsed through this site, I was amazed at the variety of embellishment products. Here are a few that I can’t wait to incorporate into my own work.
Creating art over designed papers is extremely popular, and the assortment of sizes and designs in Patricia’s collage paper line is unbelievable. Collage paper featuring words, sheet music, sheet music with images, maps, clocks, vegetables, butterflies, and more are available in various sizes. Designs are available in black and white, various colors, and aged. These papers create the perfect backgrounds for wood and canvas surfaces.
Transfer papers are also all the rage right now and add so much fun to any painting. The designs that are available as collage papers are also available as transfer paper designs.
Some of the dimensional embellishments that really caught my eye were from the Tim Holtz idea-ology line, featuring metal and glass curio knobs, assorted metal keys and keyhole plates, ornate plaque plates, and more. These items can be incorporated into various art projects—the possibilities are endless.
The site also features some unique stencil designs, including the Creative Arts Essentials stencils, which are designed by Patricia Rawlinson. Other stencil lines are available through this site as well.

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