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With the long winter months rapidly approaching, what better time to share several painting products with you that will keep you busy all season long!

Mijello Silver Nano Watercolor Palette 40 Colors (Model #: 92-WP3040)
Martin Universal Design, Inc.

When I first saw the Silver Nano Watercolor Palette, I immediately knew that this was a perfect palette for the artist who loves painting outside, as well as inside the studio! The unique hinged-shaped palette design is sleek and compact when closed. When opened up, each hinged side consists of a large mixing area and 20 paint wells. As a watercolorist, I love the fact that this palette has 40 wells, two large mixing areas, and is easy to transport! Another unique feature this palette offers is its ergonomic design. Each well is square in shape and slanted at the best possible angle within its palette placement for a natural reach as you load color on your brush. (Note: If being used in a handheld position, the design layout will also minimize excess palette play when loading or mixing colors.) Another very important feature is the antibacterial properties of the palette surface, which allows you to store colors in it for months—they will remain fresh and bacteria-free. This wonderful palette is available through Martin Universal Design, Inc., and will be a perfect addition to your painting supplies.

Clear Rubber Stamp designs by Chieko Yuguchi

While attending the Heart of Ohio Tole Painting Convention (HOOT) last summer, I stopped by a booth with the most wonderful delicate stamp designs that I have ever seen. The selection was extensive as well as impressive, and many of the designs were available in three different sizes (to accommodate different-size surfaces). I was drawn to the lace, corner scroll, and border stamps, but the selection of holiday stamps was amazing, and the flower and leaf designs were beautiful and unique as well. The designer of the stamps, Chieko Yuguchi, was at the booth demonstrating how to use the stamps. She used the stamps in place of a transferred pattern and then painted them—how ingenious! Chieko’s unique stamping technique is simple and easy. She selects stamps to create a design, loads a sponge applicator with a mixture of DecoArt acrylic paint and DecoArt Staining and Antiquing Medium, applies this mixture to the area of the stamp that she is using, and then applies the stamp to her painting surface. It is easy to combine several stamps in a design, because all her stamps are made of a clear substance where only the design lines are visible. All of the stamps can be used as is or mounted onto a clear acrylic block. Visit her website at for additional information so that you can start creating your own one-of-a-kind stamped-art designs. Also, Chieko’s USA distributor, Marcia Vanover, can be contacted at or check out the website:

Mission Gold Class Watercolors by Mijello
Martin/F. Weber Co.

These new watercolors were formulated to mirror the strong vivid colors of nature. The pure pigments used to create these paints were matured in traditional Korean pots to achieve extraordinary color properties. Each color has excellent lightfastness and disperses evenly with water with very little color shift from wet to dry. They are the first watercolor paints in the world manufactured without a thickening agent in them (which can decrease color vividness and transparency). They are highly pigmented for great coverage, and you will notice that as you use these paints, a little goes a long way. If you are looking for watercolors that allow you to create work with intensity and brilliance, you must try Mission Gold Watercolors. They can be purchased through Dick Blick ( in individual 15 ml tube colors or in a variety of sets: Introductory Set (contains nine 7 ml tubes), 12 Color Set (7 ml tubes), 24 Color Set (7 ml tubes), 34 Color Set (15 ml tubes), and 36 Color Set with Palette (7 ml tubes). For more information, go to


Mijello Water Bucket (Model #: 92-WP4021)
Martin Universal Design, Inc.

Much thought went into the design of this new water bucket. The handle consists of formed slots, allowing you to lay your brushes on their sides during use or while they are drying. There is also an area on the outer lip designed to hold paper towels within easy reach. The Water Bucket consists of three multiple-use compartments. These deep wells can be used to hold clean water, rinse water, and brushes, if desired. If you are an artist who creates large pieces of art, this bucket is the answer to your prayers. The width and depth of each compartment was designed to accommodate brushes of all sizes—even 2" brushes or larger. The Mijello 2-liter Water Bucket is made of durable plastic meant to take a lot of abuse and last a long time!

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