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   Stocking Stuffers and More!

The holidays are fast approaching, and before you know it, life will revolve around decorating, baking, painting, and of course, selecting the perfect gift. For the last few months, I have been on a mission to find a variety of art-related gifts for artists of all ages. Hopefully, within this list, you will find the perfect gift for a special artist in your life. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season…

- Kathi Hanson

Crafter’s Choice Brush Bucket (#RD-326), Big Kid’s Choice Lil’ Grippers Deluxe
Beginner 6 PC Set (#BK601), and Deluxe Shader 6 PC Set (#BK604)

Royal Brush Mfg., Inc.

This Crafter’s Choice collapsible water bucket folds flat for storage and travel ease, making it a perfect gift for artists on the go! It is constructed of cloth and features six sewn pockets to hold brushes or other art tools. The inner-plastic liner makes it water tight, so you can paint for hours and never have to worry that water will leak through. The cube construction prevents it from tipping or collapsing during use.

The Deluxe Beginner Value Pack brush set is designed for ages 5 and older, and contains a liner, a script, a round, a flat, a wash, an angle, a filbert, and a comb brush. The colorful acrylic handles are eye catching, and the soft-grip handles make holding and manipulating these brushes easy for children (they are also great for adults with arthritis). The brush hairs have bounce to them, fan out nicely when applying strokes, and work well in both oils and acrylics. This is a perfect starter brush set for new artists!
The Deluxe Shader Value Pack contains five different shader brushes (#2, #4, #6, #8, and #10) and a 5/8" glaze brush. The acrylic handles are bright red with an easy-grip handle. There are a variety of Big Kid’s Choice brush sets, so check them out as well!


Crafter’s Choice Brush Carrier (#RCC-KCSH)
Royal’s cost-effective cloth brush carrier holds eight short-handled brushes. It is slim and sleek, and the price point is just right. I purchased several of these cases! I now have separate brush carriers for my oil, watercolor, and acrylic brushes, so I don’t have to carry all my brushes everywhere I go.




3 PC “Goat Hair” Flat Brush Set (#RART-100M)
One of the articles that I wrote this year for my Prime Your Palette column featured encaustic painting. Painting with wax requires using natural-hair brushes, but don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to go out and buy expensive natural-hair brushes. One of my favorite types of brushes to use is a goat hair brush, and this three-piece set from Royal contains 1", 2", and 3" Langnickel flat brushes. Goat hair brushes can also be used in watercolor and wet-on-wet painting, and for applying mediums, varnishes, and stains. They are softer than bristle brushes, so the application stroke is smoother, resulting in less texture.



Professional Artist Natural Ocean Sponges (#2093)
Mixed-media background effects, faux finishing, watercolor texture effects, and fabric painting are just some of the techniques that incorporate the use of sponges. Royal has a great selection of natural ocean sponges, and this particular assortment is one of my favorites. This set consists of four different-size sponges and each sponge shape creates a different pattern on your surface. Sponges are easy to care for (just rinse out and let dry), and artists of all ages and abilities will have fun creating art with them. Check out their website for an assortment of sponges.



Large Area Multi-Purpose Brush Set (#RART-110)
Everyone loves getting a new brush, and white bristle brushes are often overlooked even though they are extremely affordable. They serve a multitude of purposes—they are great for applying gesso, to basecoat a surface, and for creating background washes in large areas. They are also perfect for creating quick, loose paintings in oils or acrylics. They are great for glazing and are often used to apply varnish and stains. This three-piece set from Royal contains three Langnickel stiff-bristle brushes (1", 2" and 3" flats) and is the perfect “tuck in” gift!



Easy To Do Color Marker Art (#BK-KCCM)
Paint-by-number art was popular when I was young, and it is a wonderful vehicle for young artists to grasp color, design, and basic painting skills. Illustration art is particularly “hot” now, and marker art is a great way to introduce illustration skills to young artists. Under their Big Kid’s Choice Keep ‘N Carry Set line, Royal created a marker art set for children that comes in a zippered carrying case for easy storage and travel. It includes six marker boards that have designs lightly preprinted in colors (to show easy color placement) plus one additional blank board to create a design of your own. The colors that are needed to create the six designs are included, and each marker is double sided (fine and broad tip) to make it easy to get in both large and small areas of the design. A full-color reference guide and a color-blending guide are also included to guarantee that all projects can be created successfully. This kit is geared for ages 8 to 88!


Colorsaurus Color Wheel (#3457)
The Color Wheel Company

The Color Wheel Company is known for their creative approach to understanding color. In addition to their traditional color wheel, they offer an assortment of unique color theory tools to meet every type of artist’s needs. The Color Wheel Company recently developed a new color wheel for children ages 4 and up, and it is called the Colorsaurus Color Wheel. Parents, grandparents, teachers, and artists alike will want their young artists to have one of these, because it lays color theory out in a fun way that everyone can understand. On the front of the wheel, a dinosaur shows the reader that the combination of two colors create a different color—there is also a visual of the tint and shade of that color. The back side of the wheel has three little dinosaurs explaining all color definitions. There are color-swatch visuals in every section to help children associate the correct colors with these art terms: primary, secondary, and intermediate colors; tint, tone, shade; cool and warm colors.

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