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October 2008 Issue Inside this Issue — October 2008

Autumn’s Arrival!
Bring a new look to your surroundings with this issue’s collection of vibrant seasonal projects.

Changing seasons
Currently, many of us are enjoying the remaining days of summer’s warm weather, but the soon-to-arrive cooler season is beckoning us to prime our palettes for fall. With that in mind, this issue features a wide variety of harvest home décor projects which reflect the tantalizing colors of the season. Whether your chosen medium is watercolor, oil, or acrylic, these projects truly reflect the beauty of fall’s rich spectrum.

Style file Earlier this year, we began Sue Pruett’s “Still Life Studies” column. In this issue, we’re pleased to feature Sue’s beginner still life painting (page 42). Those new to this style can try it firsthand. Our other still life paintings in the issue include Diana Mercado’s Orchid in Glass Canvas (page 14) and Bob Pennycook’s Gourd Still Life Tray (page 68).

Looking back...
Additional highlights in the issue are projects and a column dedicated to traditional folk art. Throughout the year, popular “Expand Your Horizons” columnists, Gisele Pope and Nony Housh, have been encouraging painters to look to past master artists, art forms, and styles for inspiration. Here they discuss the historical importance of traditional folk art, as well as how to study these works and develop your own contemporary interpretations.

Hats off to Halloween!
We, of course, had to include several “spooktacular” designs for Halloween. Be sure to check out Sandra Lee Goodale’s Witches Night Out Puzzle (page 78) and Scary Harvest Moon Tray (page 81), as well as Roxanne Jarvis’ whimsical Witch’s Shoe Last (page 84), guaranteed to delight both the young and young at heart!.

Happy Painting!
Linda Heller
Linda R. Heller, Editor

orchid in glass canvas Orchid in Glass Canvas
by Diana Mercado
Hydrangeas Lazy Susan Hydrangeas Lazy Susan
by Rosemary (Lonnie) Pook
Framed Blue Jay Framed Blue Jay
by Mabel Blanco
Sunflower Tin Pocket by Ginger Edwards Sunflower Tin Pocket
by Ginger Edwards
The Bikersby Lynn Snyder, CDA The Bikers
by Lynn Snyder, CDA
Penn Dutch Chair with Faux Tooled Leather Seat Penn Dutch Chair with Faux Tooled Leather Seat
by Donna Rose Prestridge, CDA
Harvest Lights Lamp Harvest Lights Lamp
by Barbara Franzreb
Tuscan Scene Wallhanging Tuscan Scene Wallhanging
by Dottie Martz
Fruit Floorcloth and Matching Plaques Fruit Floorcloth and Matching Plaques
by Pat Smelkoff
Apple Wall Caddy Apple Wall Caddy
by Jill DiMaria and Maria Grimanis
Gourd Still Life Tray Gourd Still Life Tray
by Bob Pennycook
Fall Harvest Planter Fall Harvest Planter
by Karen Wisner
Witches Night Out Puzzle Witches Night Out Puzzle
by Sandra Lee Goodale
Scary Harvest Moon Tray Scary Harvest Moon Tray
by Sandra Lee Goodale
Witch’s Shoe Last Witch’s Shoe Last
by Roxanne M. Jarvis
Fall Rustic Hanging Pocket Fall Rustic Hanging Pocket
by Sue Beckerton
brushstroke tech guide Brushstroke Technique Guide:
Funky Foliage
by Deb Malewski
Different Strokes Different Strokes:
Linework is an Important Skill to Master!
by Heather Redick, CDA
is this the pic for traditional folk art? what goes here?
Still Life Studies Still Life Studies:
A Lesson in Value Apples on a Ledge by Sue Pruett, MDA
Harvest Party Box Homespun Elegance:
Harvest Party Box
by Rebecca Baer, CDA
Pumpkin Time Working with Watercolors:
Pumpkin Time by Tom Jones
Decorative Arts Collection Museum Decorative Arts Collection Museum
by Andy Jones, Director
“Farmer’s Choice Indian Corn” Box Adapt a Design:
“Farmer’s Choice Indian Corn” Box by Jill DiMaria and Maria Grimanis
pope & housh Expand Your Horizons:
Traditional Folk Art
by Gisele Pope and Nony Housh
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