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Inside this Issue — October 2007

August 2007 Issue Autumn Arrives!

In this issue, we have a variety of designs that reflect the vibrant color colors of autumn, as well as some special treats for Halloween. There’s something to go with most everyone’s decor—choose from landscapes, wildlife, fruits and vegetables, and more.

Now is also the perfect time to begin collecting painting surfaces for holiday gifts and festivities. Between August and the end of November you can plan, collect, and paint extra-special items for family and friends, eliminating the stress of having to run out and purchase last-minute gifts. Sounds like a great idea!

Garage sales, thrift shops, and rummage sales offer reasonably-priced merchandise. You’ll be amazed at what fun surfaces these treasure hunts will produce!

Happy fall!
Linda R. Heller

card boxes Card Boxes
by Susan V. Cochrane
Golden blazing skies and purple evening sunsets adorn the tops of these playing card boxes.
Monarch Batik Monarch Batik
by Janice Carey
Learn the technique of rice paper batiking as you paint this monarch butterfly.
“Sunny’s Farm Market” Cabinet Insert Panel “Sunny’s Farm Market” Cabinet Insert Panel
by Debbie Cotton
This vintage-inspired painting reflects the bounty of summer's harvest.
Wooden Fruit Bowl Harvest Fruit Bowl
by Robin Mani
This versatile wooden bowl makes a statement for fall when placed on your table filled with colorful gourds.
Autumn Leaves Floorcloth Autumn Leaves Floorcloth
by Esa Nieminen
Step into autumn with this vibrant canvas floorcloth.
Autumn Harvest Shelf Autumn Harvest Shelf
by Sue Beckerton
Paint an autumn still life to celebrate the arrival of fall.
Fall Chickadee Panel Fall Chickadee Panel
by Kim Magee
This painting can be adapted to a multitude of surfaces.
Rustic Bentwood Box Rustic Bentwood Box
by Debbie Cotton
Display this box among your collection of antiques.
Textured Pears Tin Tray Contemporary Pears Tin Tray
by Bob Pennycook
Paint the center of this unusual tray using a wet-in-wet blending technique, textured color, and a stamp that complements the embossed rim of the tray.
Streaked Apples Clock Streaked Apples Clock
by Carol-Lee Cisco, CDA
This custom-cut wooden clock is a timely choice for the upcoming season.
Early Fall Day Canvas Early Fall Day Canvas
by Dorothy Dent
Capture a bit of nostalgia in this peaceful country scene.
Old-Fashioned Fruit Box: A Light Study Old-Fashioned Fruit Box: A Light Study
by France Quirion
This box was created for painters of all skill levels. The drybrushing technique yields amazing results and makes it achievable for even a novice.
Fall Friends Stool Fall Friends Stool
by Karen Wisner
Combine country with a bit of whimsy to create this delightful design.
Miss Pumpkin’s Portrait and Pumpkin Frame Miss Pumpkin’s Portrait and Pumpkin Frame
by Margot A. Clark
Celebrate Halloween with this seasonal duo.
White Tiger Plaque White Tiger Plaque
by Willow Wolfe
Study the technique of painting fur as you create this magnificent tiger.
“HOPE” Chest “HOPE” Chest
by Margot A. Clark
During chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer, artist Margot Clark designed this "HOPE" Chest to hold the many cards she received.
witch's hat Brushstroke Technique Guide: No Witchcraft Necessary
by Roxanne Jarvis
Create a Halloween witch hat!
Different Strokes Different Strokes for Different Folks! Surface Preparation and Palette Choice
by Heather Redick, CDA
Learn about the importance of proper surface prep and how to chosse the right palette.
table setting The Inspired Palette: Contemporary Table Setting
by Kelly Hoernig
A combination of warm and cool colors and creative design give this collection an upscale, modern flair.
Homespun Elegance Apple Pie Plate RB Homespun Elegance: Apple Pie Plate
by Rebecca Baer, CDA
Display this wooden pie plate throughout the autumn season.
Explore Watercolor Techniques Explore Watercolor Techniques: Lifting Color to Create Detail
by Tom Jones
For centuries, autumn's bright, blazing colors have inspired painters to capture the grand spectacle with brush in hand. Now you can do the same.
Faux Finish A Fresh Approach to Faux Finishes: Faux Fossil Technique
by Tracy Moreau
This nature-inspired faux finish can be used for boxes, walls, countertops, and more!
Halloween Treat Box and Door Hanger Created Just for Kids: Halloween Box and Door Hanger
by Karen Wisner
Paint this twosome for your favorite little trick or treater!
Try Something New! Sculpture From Your Garden
by Jerry Klein
People have been making concrete leaves for generations. Each is a one-of-a-kind creation, making the process even more fun and exciting.
Pope and Housh Brush Up on Business: Make a Splash with Innovative Classes
by Gisele Pope and Nony Housh
Learn fun, innovative ways to get students interested in painting.
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