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April 2008 Issue Inside this Issue — June 2008

Inspiring Ideas

Spring is a season of birth and renewal, so it's a perfect time to introduce several new columns to our list of current favorites. We've spoken with many of you at painting conventions and, as requested, we'll be sure to include more technique-oriented features, information about new products, and stories about some of your favorite painters.

Tips and Techniques
Have you ever wanted to learn how to set-up, photograph, and paint your own still life design? Over the next eight months, Sue Pruett will teach you still life painting skills in her new Still Life Studies column. You will explore the basics of still life theory and put this knowledge into practice by painting beginner, intermediate, and advanced still life paintings.

Expand Your Horizons
Beginning in this issue, we'll also be featuring a regular column by Gisele Pope and Nony Housh titled ‚"Expand Your Horizons." This dynamic duo will help you look to the past for inspiration from master artists and show you how to incorporate some of their styles into your paintings. My personal favorite, Impressionism, is this month's topic. Gisele and Nony encourage you to "loosen up" and experiment with color, reflections, and shadows. Give it a try with a watercolor painting by Debra Henkener, which is painted in a loose, carefree style.

Adapt a Design

As the weather warms, flea markets open their doors and garage sales crop up in every neighborhood. Painting on "found" treasures has resurged in popularity, so we felt it important to include a feature on adapting designs to a variety of paintable surfaces. In each issue, Jill DiMaria and Maria Grimanis will paint a design and explain how to use all (or part) of it on alternate surfaces. Be sure to watch for those beloved garage sale notices in your local papers!

Time to Celebrate
Spring is a time of celebration. For those of us living in four-season climates, we look to our flower beds to see if the dormant plants have begun to peek through the ground. And when they do, it's a joyous day. We reach for our gardening tools, as our hands are simply "itching" to feel the soil. At the same time, we long to hear the familiar melodies of spring songbirds. Greet your feathered friends with a new feeder by Jamie Mills-Price, and they'll be certain to claim your yard as their domain.

It's also time to think of gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day, and many of you will be attending weddings and graduations. With that in mind, we're pleased to present a variety of projects to fulfill your gift-giving needs.

While it can be difficult to find designs with a masculine flair, check out our Ivy and Canada Goose Magazine Rack, Pheasant Serving Tray, and Fisherman's Table Grouping, all of which will appeal to the special men in your life.

For weddings or showers, the Swedish Springtime Dala Clocks, Faux Brocade and Roses Wedding Memories Box, and Gather Together Bride's Board will make a lasting impression on the newlyweds.

Make a List!
When decorating your home or choosing a gift, there's nothing like homemade (or hand-painted in this case). Whether you are looking to paint colorful accents for indoors or outdoors or something for that special someone, we've got you covered!

Dala Clock

Swedish Springtime Dala Clocks
by Pamela Gassman
Whether you choose to paint the tall mantel clock or the small wooden clock, this traditional Swedish design will bring the fresh look of spring to any room in your home.

Bride's Board Gather Together Bride's Board
by Roxanne M. Jarvis
Designer Roxanne Jarvis combined folk art and toile painting to create this one-of-a-kind heirloom piece.
Blue Cottage Plate Blue Cottage Plate
by Joan Dixon
This design was inspired by the blue and white transferware that became popular during the late 1700s and continues to be a favorite today.
White Rose Boxes White Rose Boxes
by Vilma Fabretti, CDA
Bring a touch of elegance to any setting with these delicate white roses.
Oriole Napkin Box Oriole Napkin Box
by Mabel Blanco
Brighten your day with the brilliant orange and black plumage of the Baltimore Oriole.
Nest & Breakfast Bird Feeder Nest & Breakfast Bird Feeder
by Jamie Mills-Price
Simple vines, leaves, and berries adorn this charming birdfeeder.
Ivy and Canada Goose Magazine Rack Ivy and Canada Goose Magazine Rack
by Johanne Morin
Stylish organization is always a welcome addition to your home.
Pheasant Serving Tray Pheasant Serving Tray
by Linda McFadden
Create this special piece for a Father’s Day gift.
Fisherman's Table Grouping Fisherman's Table Grouping
by Nancy Capuano
Serve up a feast fit for a fisherman with this unique sportsman-themed place setting, perfect for special occasions or everyday use.
Garden Fairies Charger Plate
by Peggy Trabalka
Even fairies take time to stop and enjoy the beauty found in a garden.
Celebration Fruzzle Celebration Fruzzle
by Prudy Vannier, CDA
Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, graduation, wedding, or sports event, any occasion deserves recognition and remembering with a picture in a very special frame.
brushstroke tech guide Brushstroke Technique Guide: Floating Color
by Debby Forshey-Chomai
Practice the technique of floating color.
Pope and Housh Expand Your Horizons: Impressionism
by Gisele Pope and Nony Housh
Look to the past for inspiration from master artists and incorporate some of their styles into your paintings.
Still Life Studies Still Life Studies: Introduction to Still Life Painting‚ îTheory and Terminology
by Sue Pruett, MDA
Explore the basics of still life theory.
Technique Talk Technique Talk: Flower Painting Tips and Techniques from the Masters
by Ann Kingslan, MDA and Mary Kingslan Gibilisco, CDA
Ann and Mary share tips on how to paint realistic flowers.
Faux Finishes A Fresh Approach to Faux Finishes: Faux Brocade and Roses Box
by Tracy Moreau and Heather Redick, CDA
Use a faux brocade background for this dimensional white floral box.
new technique Try a New Technique: Discover the Art of Grisaille—Jardin des Couleurs
by Linda Coulter
Continue to explore this impressive painting style.
Homespun Elegance RB Homespun Elegance: Garden Party Serving Tray
by Rebecca Baer, CDA
Create an exquisite serving tray with layers of stenciled and painted motifs.
Anne Hunter Your Home Studio: Decorative Painting in the 21st Century
by Anne Hunter
Learn how to decorate your home with decorative painted accents.
Working with Watercolors Working with Watercolors: Loose Landscapes
by Debra Henkener
Wow your walls with this vibrant framed landscape.
Adapt a Design Adapt a Design: Tuscan Vineyard
by Jill DiMaria and Maria Grimanis
Take this square-shaped design and apply it to a variety of surfaces.
Treasure Chest Created Just for Kids! Little Bears’ Treasure Chest, Part 2
by Sharon McNamara Black
Finish painting this adorable heirloom toy chest.
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