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Inside this Issue — June 2007

June 2007 Issue Inspired by Nature...
Spring is nearly here, and like many of you, I’m anxious for the return of the birds that flew south for the winter. We are all creatures of habit, and once again, awakening to the chorus of those favorite songbirds gives a sense of comfort...nature’s security blanket. Soon those doting parents-to-be will be building nests for their anticipated offspring. Refresh, renew, and rejuvenate for spring—we can all take a lesson from the wildlife around us.

In this issue, our Inspired Palette column by Kelly Hoernig features a “Nest” Wall Art grouping that will enable you to enjoy the ambiance of spring year-round. Combining soft, comforting “earthy” colors with a textured canvas, cutout letters, and a clock gives the ensemble a contemporary look. Go to page 54 and read more about the thought that went into the design process—it’s quite inspiring!

Because wall art is a top trend in home decorating, this issue features additional designs for your walls. If Tuscany is your style, be sure to check out Bob Pennycook’s Spring Topiary Plaque. Other choices include the Blue and Gold Macaw on Old Parchment by Tracy Moreau and Willow Wolfe, the Abandoned Gate watercolor, and The Entry, a rose-covered arbor painted by Connie Parkinson. Each painting is equally amazing, and I’m sure you’ll find one to fit your décor. There are also many other designs in this issue that can be easily adapted to a plaque, a canvas, or even the wall itself!

Tropical Tray Tropical Tray
by Diana Mercado
This design is a combination of different shapes and colors with the purpose of obtaining a harmonic composition.
Blue and Gold Macaw on Old Parchment Blue and Gold Macaw on Old Parchment
by Willow Wolfe and Tracy Moreau
Designers Tracy Moreau and Willow Wolfe have combined their talents to create this dynamic canvas.
Floral Milk Bucket Floral Milk Bucket
by Kay Pierce, CDA
Painted on a reproduction tin milk bucket, this piece will bring a splash of color to any area of your home!
Spring Topiary Canvas Spring Topiary Canvas
by Bob Pennycook
For an updated look, add texture to your wall décor with this still-life composition.
Tin Pitcher Plate Tin Pitcher Plate
by Debbie Cotton
"Pitcher a bouquet" on a lacey-edged tin metal plate.
Spring Pie Carrier Spring Pie Carrier
by Juanita Denton, CDA
Here’s a great gift for a wedding shower, house warming, or Mother’s Day.
The Entry The Entry
by Connie Parkinson
You know spring has arrived when you find a simple arbor smothered in splendid roses.
Stationery Shoe Stationery Shoe
by Roxanne Jarvis
Transform an antique shoe last into a desktop pen and note holder.
Garden Gate Folding Chair Garden Gate Folding Chair
by Judy Diephouse
Adapt this charming garden design to any folding chair.
Teddy Bear Nursery Night-Light Teddy Bear Nursery Night-Light, Part 1
by Chris Haughey
Turn the lights out and make a wish on these sparkling stars as they dance on the ceiling.
Scenic Floorcloth Scenic Floorcloth
by Esa Nieminen
Capture the beauty of nature on a durable, canvas floorcloth.
Fishing Box Fishing Box
by Karen Eastman
Here’s a great catch for Father’s Day!
Green Hydrangeas Brushstroke Technique Guide: Loose and Lively – Green Hydrangeas by Patricia Rawlinson
Loose and Lively—Green Hydrangeas
Easy steps to creating this favored flower!
Creating an Attractive, Durable Finish Back to Basics: The End is In Sight by Sandra Croy
Steps to Creating an Attractive, Durable Finish
Discover the secrets to a perfect finish!
Sponges Fine Design: by Betsy H. Edwards
Learn all about one of the most versatile artists’ tools—the natural sponge.
Butterfly Fantasy Jars RB Homespun Elegance by Rebecca Baer, CDA
Butterfly Fantasy Jars
A must for Mother’s Day! Paint containers with delicate butterflies and fill with handmade exfoliating sugar scrubs.
Faux Finishes A Fresh Approach to Faux Finishes by Tracy Moreau
Newfangled Faux… Tools of the Trade, Part 2
Stock your studio with products to create fantastic faux finishes.
Nest Wall Art The Inspired Palette by Kelly Hoernig
“Nest” Wall Art
Enjoy the ambiance of spring year-round with this contemporary design.
Anne Hunter Your Home Studio: An Emerging Business—The Return of the Home Studio by Anne Hunter
The Pros and Cons of Copyright
This article will give you some insight into copyright law and how it affects everyone.
Abandoned Gate Watercolor Explore Watercolor Techniques by Tom Jones
Abandoned Gate Watercolor
St. Augustine’s unique European flavor and endless subjects make it a painter’s paradise.
Rocking Horse Created Just for Kids by Heather Redick, CDA
Viviana’s Rocking Horse, Part 2
Add the finishing touches to this child-sized rocking horse.
Pope and Housh Brush Up on Business by Gisele Pope and Nony Housh
Sell it here—Sell it there—Sell it everywhere!
Here’s a helpful guide to selling on online auctions.
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