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December 2008 Issue Inside this Issue — December 2008

Wrapping Up the Holidays...
In this issue of PaintWorks, we have a dazzling array of holiday designs. These projects represent a variety of styles painted on tin, wood, suede, fabric, and more. From country to folk art to classic to whimsical, this issue’s features include something for everyone.

Kitchen Creations...
The holidays are about sharing time with family, so why not begin in the kitchen! We’ve got you covered while baking cookies and sweets with Patricia Rawlinson’s mother-daughter (son) apron set (page 73). This adorable denim duo will set the tone for the season and create “sweet” memories to savor for years to come. What a perfect gift for any young mother!

In keeping with the kitchen theme, stand your cookbook up on Debbie Cotton’s recipe book holder (page 57) while you whip up your holiday feast. For a perfect presentation, serve appetizers or desserts on Judy Diephouse’s Holly and Berry Strokework Plate (page 23).

Southern Hospitality!
Over the past year, we’ve received requests for designs specifically created for people living in the South. We heard you, and with that in mind, we’re thrilled to present Pat Smelkoff’s Southern Santa board (page 68). We’re certain this unique piece will be appreciated by any Santa collector!

Do You See What I See?
Over the years, we’ve encouraged you to not only paint the designs as we present them, but to adapt them to additional surfaces. When thinking in terms of painting holiday gifts, you can simplify your gift planning process by choosing several designs and adapting them to a variety of surfaces. Check your “stash” to see what surfaces you already have on hand. Also, go to your local dollar store or department store and discover what treasures they hold.

A Time to Share
Christmas is a time for love, joy, peace, hope, and sharing. When painting gifts and decorations for the holidays, be sure to remember there are those who are less fortunate. In the spirit of sharing and giving, we hope you take the time to paint an extra piece or two and donate it to a local church or charity. Remember that the best gifts are those hand-painted from the heart!

Have a blessed holiday,
Linda Heller
Linda R. Heller, Editor

Holiday Still Life Holiday Still Life Pantry Basket
by Barbara Franzreb
Suede Stockings Suede Stockings
by Margot A. Clark
Holly and Berry Strokework Plate Holly and Berry Strokework Plate
by Judy Diephouse
Holiday Patchwork Runner Holiday Patchwork Runner
by Beth Wagner and Pat Reteguiz
Elves Star Centerpiece Elves Star Centerpiece
by Prudy Vannier, CDA
Santa on Skis Ornament Santa on Skis Ornament
by Gabriele Hunter
Woodland Snowman Plaque Woodland Snowman Plaque
by Lynne Andrews
Mini Landscape Ornament Boxes Mini Landscape Ornament Boxes
by Debby Forshey-Choma
Kringle’s Cookies Recipe Book Holder Kringle’s Cookies Recipe Book Holder
by Debbie Cotton
Colonial Christmas Teakettle Colonial Christmas Teakettle
by Della Wetterman
Framed Christmas Screen Framed Christmas Screen
by Roxanne Jarvis
Southern Santa Southern Santa
by Pat Smelkoff
Sweet Moments Aprons Sweet Moments Aprons
by Patricia Rawlinson
Christmas Card Box Christmas Card Box
by Pamela Gassman
Santa Tavern Board “Warm Wishes” Santa Tavern Board
by Jill Macfarlane
Vintage Parson’s Carriage with Tree & Ornaments Vintage Parson’s Carriage with Tree & Ornaments
by Rosemary West, CDA
Holiday Candy Holder Holiday Candy Holder
by Carol-Lee Cisco, CDA
acorns and firs Brushstroke Technique Guide:
Acorns and Firs
by Debby Forshey-Choma
different strokes Different Strokes:
Flat Stroke Variations
by Heather Redick, CDA
is this the pic for traditional folk art? what goes here?
shapes and elements Still Life Studies:
Shapes and Elements by Sue Pruett, MDA
homespun elegance Homespun Elegance:
Winter Cardinal Brooches
by Rebecca Baer, CDA
adapt a design Adapt a Design:
Horizontal Designs by Jill DiMaria and Maria Grimanis
tech talk Technique Talk:
A Study of Value and Form
by Ann Kingslan, MDA and Mary Kingslan Gibilisco, CDA
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