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February cover
Inside this Issue — December 2006
Time to Celebrate!
This issue features a stellar collection of holiday projects by designers with whom we have worked over the years. Also included is an interview with Pipka Ulvilden, whose Father Christmas project was published in the premier issue of PaintWorks.
nativity Quilt Block Nativity, Part 2 by Mary Jo Gross
These three kings can stand alone or complete the set by adding them to the “First Family” presented in the Winter 2007 issue of PaintWorks.
peace tray “Peace” Tray by Lauré Paillex
Lots of fine detail was worked into my rendering of this charming little pair, but the steps are quite easy. Just remember to keep the body feathers soft and downy and to place the flight feathers on wings and tail with straight, defined strokes. Pay special attention to the face details and watch your feathery friends come to life!
christmas memories chest Christmas “Memories” Chest by Ginger Edwards
When our family gathers, the conversation always includes remembrances of previous holidays. This year, the “Memories” chest will have a place of honor and hold photos from earlier Christmases. You may choose to use this wonderful box for holding Christmas cards or for safekeeping vintage ornaments or mementos.
Santa Tray Porcelain Santa Tray by Brenda Stewart, CDA
This small, delicate tray will become an heirloom piece to be passed down from generation to generation.
Card Holder Wall Mount Card Holder by Gretchen Cagle, CDA
Christmas cards from special friends, acquaintances, and business associates warm the heart. These cards become treasures often saved and admired year after year, bringing more joy, sparkle, and cheer to our holidays.
Santa sun catcher Santa Sun Catcher & Ornaments by Jillybean Fitzhenry
Giving hand-painted Santa ornaments and gifts has been a tradition in my family for many years. It’s fun to watch each Santa’s unique personality develop. Imperfections add character to Santa with lots of wrinkles, different mustache shapes, and funny shaped noses.
Festive Pomegranate Basket Festive Pomegranate Basket by Debbie Cole, CDA
This festive basket will add elegance to your buffet table as you serve your favorite holiday treats. However, it is so lovely you will want to use it all year long.
Santa and Roses Cabinet Santa and Roses Cabinet by Margot A. Clark
I like to design and paint holiday items that are functional year-round. I use the cabinet with the roses insert in my lacey, floral-inspired guest room. At Christmastime, I flip the insert over to the Santa side and move the cabinet beside my Victorian tree to join my other Santas.
Flamingo Plaque Flamingo Plaque by Willow Wolfe
I have always loved the pink flamingo with its soft pastel elegance. This design is suited to some of the warmer climates and, if painted without the holly, could be displayed year-round. For those of us up north, it helps us imagine sunny days and warmer weather over the holidays!
Poinsettia and berries tray Poinsettia and Berries Tray by Louise Jackson, MDA
This started out as a bronze colored tray with glass resting on leaves and grapes. The grapes were removed so the painting now rests on the leaves. Then it was sprayed with silver to go with the cool colors of the painting. Display this stunning tray year-round by simply changing the painting beneath the glass to suit the season.
St Francis of Assisi sled St. Francis Sled by France Quirion
St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and the environment… Life will bring help to those who nurture it with their heart and will murmur secrets in the silence. Leave a guardian by the door of the untamed and the sacred.
Christmas Tree Candleholder Christmas Tree Candleholder by Mary Jane Todd, CDA
Place this unique, wooden candleholder on your dining room table for a festive, elegant centerpiece display!
Christmas Tree Ornaments Christmas Tree Ornaments by Della Wetterman
These tiny tree trims will be treasured for many Christmases to come. Friends and family will love them tied to their Christmas gift, placed by their napkin to take home at the end of dinner, or displayed on their tree.
Santa Match Holder Santa Match Holder byMaxine Thomas
Keep your fireplace matches within easy reach with this country primitive holder.
TEddy and Toys Ornament Card Teddy & Toys Ornament Card by Bess Daniel, CDA
Making cards is among the most popular crafts today. This project combines a custom-made card with a hand-painted ornament for a truly personalized holiday greeting.
Santa Candle Shelf Santa Candle Shelf by Karen Wisner
Santa and his cheery group of friends are ready to bring the warm spirit of giving into your holiday home.
Whispy snow bear Brushstroke Technique Guide: “Wispy” Snow Bear by Deb Malewski
Try these simple steps to paint a bear!
Brush up on Lettering Octagonal box Brush Up on Lettering: Calligraphy and Illumination byJill DiMaria and Maria Grimanis
The design on this octagonal box takes its elements from the traditional techniques of calligraphy and illumination. Enjoy painting our adaptation of these very old and decorative lettering traditions for your 21st century Christmas collectibles.
on track with trends On Track with Trends: Make the Holiday Season an Expression of Yourself! by Alyson Udell
Use your hands and heart to be creative, and pass your holiday spirit onto friends and family.
homespun elegance RB Homespun Elegance: Holiday Bread Bowl by Rebecca Baer, CDA
What says home more than the heavenly aroma of freshly baked bread? Serve yours in a bowl specially painted for the occasion. This bowl serves double-duty; it is painted on the back side for display, while the interior is treated with food-safe products to maintain serviceability.
Pipka Painter’s Profile: Pipka: 15 Years Later by Tera Leigh
When asked what advice she would gice artists who would like to follow in her footsteps as a professional, Pipka is enthusiastic. "I say 'Go for it!' Don't wait until you think you are good 'enough', just do it."
tools of the trade - projector Tools of the Trade: Art’s Magic Lantern—From Caveman to Picasso by Maurice Beaudet
All artists can benefit from using a projector. Whether you are doing murals or crafts or woodburning or portraits, a good quality art projector can give you the confidence you need.
pope and housh Brush Up on Business: Workin’ It: Maximizing Sales Opportunities by Gisele Pope and Nony Housh
The people staffing your booth can, and will, dramatically affect your sales potential.
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