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PaintWorks Updates and Corrections
As careful as we try to be, odd things sometimes happen. Corrections and updates to our magazine will be posted here.

August 2012

Trio of Buildings
Please note that the wrong pattern for the Trio of Buildings was inadvertantly placed in the August issue. We apologize for any inconvenience. Here is the correct pattern

April 2012

Rose Plate
Designed by Chris Thornton-Deason. The pattern was incorrect. Here is the correct pattern

February 2012

Royal & Langnickel Louise Jackson White Taklon Filbert (Series LJ475)
We inadvertently showed the wrong image for the Royal & Langnickel Louise Jackson White Taklon Filbert brush. Here is the correct image:

October 2011

“Ghostly Bubble Broth” Bucket
The instructions provided for the “Ghostly Bubble Broth” Bucket on page 94 in the October issue of PaintWorks were incomplete. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. The complete instructions can be downloaded here.

Holiday 2010

Santa's Coffeepot Set
The correct source for the Santa's is What a Blast! 10900 Flintlock Drive, Boise, ID 56009. Phone: 208-376-6667,

October 2010

Fall Leaf Tray
The correct source for the Fall Leaf Tray is The Wood Shop, 18779 680th Ave., Alden, MN 56009. Phone: 507-265-3495.

December 2008

Woodland Snowman Plaque
Pattern for the type at the bottom of the panel – The pattern for the type at the bottom of the Woodland Snowman Plaque was accidentally omitted from the December 2008 issue of PaintWorks. You can download the pattern (PDF format) or find it printed in the pattern section of the February 2009 issue of PaintWorks.

We incorrectly listed JB Wood Products’ product number and title for Pat Smelkoff’s Southern Santa. The surface is 12 Days of Christmas, “Father Christmas,” No. 0684 (12”x20”) and is available from JB Wood Products 800-859-4768 or

November 2005
The correct e-mail address for Kim Hogue is
July 2005
Revised pattern for Just for Fun! 
Sunflower and Fruit Candle Wrap by Chris Thorton.
click to download

   click image for full-size pattern
July 2005 & May 2005
New e-mail address. Carol Cook’s plaque with hook in the May and July issues of PaintWorks is available from: Devoted to Details • 138 Scholfield Ave S • Welland, Ontario Canada L3B 1N5 • • 905-734-3107
May 2005
Pampering Your Body and Soul (page 10). The captions under the photos were reversed. They should read:
robe roses vase roses
Fresh One Stroke daisies and roses are painted on a robe, bath brush, and soap dispenser by Barbara Taufer, making a great gift for a friend in need of pampering. Anglea Anderson of has painted this ivy bowl with One Stroke roses. She then filled it with soap-covered flower petals to create a pleasing visual, aromatic display.

January 2005
The Bent Wood Sled in Chris Thornton’s Father Christmas Sled project
(page 72) is available from:
Heirlooms From The Heart, 100 North Market Street, Selinsgrove, PA 17870
Phone: 570-372-1986 or 717-444-3876.