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2009 Back Issues of PaintWorks™
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December 2009 December 2009
The December issue offers a wide variety of holiday-themed projects for young and old alike! Santa, a popular subject for collectors, is presented in various styles—folk art, traditional, and whimsical. Luminous pears, brilliant poinsettias, and charming doves are represented on selected surfaces: a wooden sleigh, a canvas, a plate, and an antique reproduction scale pan. Create special keepsakes for children—a shepherd drum bank, baby hangers (a perfect first Christmas gift), and a miniature wooden cradle. And for those holiday parties, we’ve included some hostess gift ideas—paint a holiday apron or wineglass holder/etched wine bottle ensemble, surely to be appreciated for years to come. We’re headed into those stressful preholiday months, so be sure to take a break, sit back, and read our inspiring profile on designer Lynne Andrews, as well as our feature article “Are Your Creatively Healthy?” which addresses the benefits of making time in your daily schedule for creative exercises. see what's in this issue
holiday 2009

Holiday 2009

This year’s annual Christmas issue is filled to the brim with unique, high-quality designs that are sure to inspire you with decorating ideas for your home and for gift giving. Some of the great projects are: Lynne Andrews' Harvest Father Christmas Santa board, Marjorie Harris Clark's Father Christmas Tray, a Christmas album, a stunning Santa portrait, an elegant European-style Santa plate, a primitive Santa board, a country Santa plaque, a wooden Christmas card, pink and red poinsettias, stunning wall décor, a countryside watercolor, a recipe box, a snowman floorcloth, a variety of ornaments, and much more!

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Ocitber 2009 issue

October 2009

Be sure to capture the vibrant hues of nature’s most colorful season with this issue’s diverse selection of painted projects. We’ve got you covered— from your walls, to your tabletops, to your kitchen counter, and more— with seasonal favorites, including a chair, a basket, a canister set, various framed paintings, boxes, plaques, place mats, and plates. Paint the designs as shown or adapt them to a host of surfaces, many of which you might already have on hand.

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August 2009  issue August 2009

With summer rapidly approaching, we are thrilled to bring you some terrific projects and ideas to keep you busy throughout the season. We trust some of these ideas will inspire you to paint something wonderful for your home or for someone special in your life!

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June 2009 Issue June 2009

Celebrate the arrival of spring with the June issue of PaintWorks. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, we offer projects to suit your decor. With a little effort, you can incorporate decorative painting into your lifestyle, and spruce up your living space, both indoors and out. Garage-sale season has arrived, and you’ll have a wealth of surfaces at your disposal! This issue also features articles to help you learn and grow as you explore techniques for still life painting, watercolor, faux marquetry, and lettering. And be sure to check out our Painter’s Profile column, and see what wonderful contributions our talented decorative painting teachers make to their communities.

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april 2009 April 2009

Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning for the projects that you wish to complete over the next several months. Meet some of your favorite designers in our column entitled Painter’s Profile. In this issue, meet Roxanne Jarvis, take a tour of her studio, and discover how she began her painting career. Debuting in this issue is the first of a three-part series entitled Faux Finish Effects. Learn how to create faux marquetry with David Jansen, MDA, who exhibits the versatility of various wood-grained finishes with a stylish desk.

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February 2009 February 2009

Many of the designs (or parts of the designs) we present can be adapted to surfaces you already own, including chairs, stools, dressers, trunks, nightstands, headboards, desks, file cabinets—the list is endless! With the long winter months just ahead of us and a new year on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your home. And, if you live up North, start painting the accent furniture now and save the large jobs (walls, ceilings, floors) for spring. It’s also time for a “pick-me-up,” so grab your brushes and get going!

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