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2004 Back Issues of PaintWorks™
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december 2004 December 2004

Projects — Holiday Tin Sending Box , Dickens Mitten Box, "Toy Shoppe" Holly Plaque, Christmas Cigar Box Purse, Moonlit Night Ornament, Snow Birds Box, Blue Jay and Robin Rusty Tin Cones and Ornaments, Winter Mill & Holly Ensemble, Starry Night Angel Box, Porcelain Tea Set, Winter Cabin Ornament.
Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, Behind the Scenes: Helpful Tips for Transferring Patterns, Working with Watercolors: A Watercolor Winter Wonderland, Right from the Start: A Step into History with Tondo Painting, Homespun Elegance: Christmas Tea, Painting Outside the Lines: A Christmas Celebration!, Prime Your Palette: Holiday Fun Using Magic Metallic Real Metal Techniques and Embellishments.
winter 05 Winter 2005

Projects —"Snowed In" Corner Shelf, Framed Santa with Toys, Ornament and Storage Box. Heirloom Poinsettia Plate, Santa with Doves Ornament, Woodland Christmas Sled, Wall-Mount Mail Holder, Tin Christmas Tree, Suede Christmas Stocking, Pansy & Snowberries Ornament, Holiday Tassels, Copper Church Triptych, Candle Box, Folk Art Christmas Trees, Santa Plaque, Rusty Tin Pocket Ornament, Winter Landscape Box, Harlequin Santa Sled.

nov 04

November 2004

Projects — Spice Cabinet, Market Basket Plaque, Decorative Fall Accents, Slant-top Basket, Apple Pitcher and Compote, Bewitched, Autumn Napkin Holder, Seasonal Candle Jar, Country Farmhouse Book Box, Tin Wall Pocket, Landscape Plaque, Angel Document Box, Finger-Painted Grapes Bowl.
Features — Brushstroke Technique Guide, On Track with Trends: Personally Yours… The Personalizing Trend, Behind the Scenes: Organization Storage Solutions for Decorative Painters, Working with Watercolors: From Shadowing a Sphere To Spicing Up Tomatoes, Right From the Start: Shadows Of Indian Summer, Homespun Elegance: Sophisticated Favors, Painting Outside the Lines: Techniques to Create a Variety of Textures.

september 2004 cover September 2004

Projects —Iridescent Coffeepot, Asian Wall Water Fountain, Metal Serving Tray, Mermaid Hand Mirror, Blackberry Notepad Holder, Bleuets Box and Plaque, Strawberries and Bunny Lamp, Fruit and Hen Cookie Jars, Floral Charger Plate, Floral Bouquet Lingerie Chest and Shelf, Pink Magnolia Watercolor, Trailing Ribbon Framed Mirror.
Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, Behind the Scenes: Spray Paint for Decorative Painters, On Track with Trends: Vintage - Looking Back, Working with Watercolors: Do You Value Your Art?, Right from the Start: Color Scheme Study - A Warm Complementary Painting, Prime Your Palette: A Shimmer of Success!, Homespun Elegance: English Bookshelf, Painting Outside the Lines: Let Your Imagination Lead the Way!, Painters' Profile: Embrace A Decorative Living Lifestyle.
july 06 July 2004

Projects — Custom Beaded Necklace, Rusty Tin Sign, Heart & Star, Stacking Oval Boxes, Floral Stool, Flying Cloud Press Magazine Basket, Bronze Bamboo Tin Tray, Luncheon Charger Plates, Part 2, Folk Art Wedding Basket, Patriotic Angel Tray, Montpelier Basket, Americana Collage Coffeepot, Arched Melon Peg Plaque, Posies Paint Tote.
Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, On Track with Trends: Beads & Embellishment, Behind the Scenes: Keeping Your Workspace Clean, Working with Watercolors: Becoming More Original - Design and Composition, Right From the Start: Prepare Your Palette With "Pot Luck" Colors, Prime Your Palette: Take Textural Paint Outdoors!, Painters' Profile: Kim Hogue and Barb Jones, Homespun Elegance: Herb Infused Oil Bottles, Painting Outside the Lines: "Play" with Colors, Techniques, Surfaces, and Concepts.
may 04

May 2004

Projects — Hydrangea Grouping, Oval Mother's Day Box, Lavender Field Trompe L'Oeil, Faux Stone Grapes Plaque, Botanical Baskets, Spring Hat Plaque, Brush Storage Box, The Roost, Pear Napkin Holder, Luncheon Charger Plates, Part 1, Key Rack Still Life, Antique Milk Pan.
Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, Behind the Scenes: Painting on Walls, Furniture, and Fixtures, On Track with Trends: Girl Glam, Working with Watercolors: Getting Started with Watercolor Right from the Start: Analogous Color Scheme, Prime Your Palette: Combine Decorative Papers With Painting For An Exciting New Look!, Homespun Elegance: Cobalt Wine Ensemble, Painting Outside the Lines: Landscapes - A New Perspective.

april 04 April 2004

Projects — Weathervane Still Life, Table, Mirror, Tray & Candlesticks, Tulips Tassel Purse, Domed Lid Jewelry Box, Springtime Table Setting, Springtime Basket, Geraniums and Petunias Basket Tag, Blueberry Lake Watercolor Card, Sunshine Farm Fruit Plate, Knife Block with Maple Cutting Board, Americana Plaque.
Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, Behind the Scenes: Lighting and the Decorative Painter, On Track with Trends: Heritage Crafting - The New Wave, Working with Watercolors: Getting Started, Right from the Start: A Double Split Complement Painting, Prime Your Palette: A Glass Menagerie, Homespun Elegance: Provincial Heritage Plaque, Painting Outside the Lines: Let Your Surface Lead the Way… Working with Shape, Texture, and Color.
feb 04 February 2004

Projects — Stucco Still Life, Stemware Rack, Floral Porcelain Lamp, Orange Rose Mirror, Roses and Calla Lilies Coal Bucket, Elegant Strokework Tray & Chest, High Street Box, Powder Room Décor, The China Cabinet, Pears & Hearts Mirror, Anna's Treasures Jewelry Chest, Apple and Cherries Basket, Framed Tulip Plaque, Still Life Calendar Board, Sugar Shack Harvest.
Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, Behind the Scenes: Learning to Paint Freehand, On Track with Trends: Collage and Layering, Prime Your Palette: Create Surface Texture for Added Appeal!, Painting Outside the Lines: Creative Motivation - Think Outside the Box.
jan 04 January 2004 ... SOLD OUT

Projects — Altered Rose Box, Canister and Canvas Landscape Painting, Folk Art Winter Scene Sled, Bengal Beauty Box, Winter Tin, Winter Landscape Candle Shade, Countryside Fireplace Screen, Mantel Clock, Winter Landscape Plate, Decorative Kerosene Heater, Rooster Box, Snowman Nutcracker, Mr. & Mrs. Claus Ornaments, Blue and White Vase, Santa, Bear, and Snowman Ornaments, Crackled Snowman Sled.
Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, Behind the Scenes: Paint 101, Right from the Start: Triadic Color Plan Using Secondaries, Prime Your Palette: Delicate Detailing for Fine Designs.