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2003 Back Issues of PaintWorks™
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december cover December 2003 ... SOLD OUT

Projects — Scenic Sled Ornaments, Winter White Holiday Table, Round Stoneware Holiday Lighthouse Box, Winter Scene Tea Box, Winter Scene Bag Handle, Holiday Bath Jars, Christmas Cactus Teakettle, Festive Table Setting, Holly and Pears Fruit Basket, Poinsettia and Roses Boxes, Wire Basket with Lid, Red and Blue Corner Santas, Stationary Desk.

FeaturesAsk Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, Behind the Scenes: Preserving Your Artwork, Right from the Start: Triadic Color Scheme: Clipboard, Prime Your Palette: Great Gift Ideas - Bountiful Baskets.
winter 04 Winter 2004

Projects — Poinsettia and Holly Ornament, Heavenly Tin Trees, Angels Candle Box, Star Angel Tree Topper, Porcelain Santa Plate, Festive Fruit Pillow, Old World Santa Box, Santa Sled, Tin Candle Containers, Winter Santa Calendar, Glowing Holiday Tray, Christmas Express, Snowman Twig Stool, Holiday Basket, Christmas Collage Sled, Christmas Bear Basket, Fisherman Santa Gourd, Santa Coaster Box.

november 2003 cover

November 2003

Projects — Floorcloth and Matching Valance, Ceramic Coaster Tiles, Fall Birdhouse, Harvest Gathering Tray, Woodland Bench, Ring Neck Pheasant Accessories, Rusty Tin Luminary, Harvest Time Box, Floral Place Setting, Folk Art Apple Scoop, Autumn Still Life, Harvest Breadboard, Fall Picnic Basket, Oval Rooster Box, Fall Santa Calendar.

Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, Behind the Scenes: "Must-Have" Tools for the Decorative Painter, Part 2, Right from the Start: Plums and Raspberries: A Study in Complements, Prime Your Palette: Create with Canvas, Floorcloths - Stylish Accents For Your Home Décor!.

september 2003 September 2003

Projects — Flourished Bird Tray, Hydrangea Mail Keeper, Dimensional Fish Plaque, Framed Wall Plaque, Winding Blue Glories, Twig Table, Vegetable Plate, Chicken Coop Cabinet, Thistle Box, Scenic Hanging Plaque, Tabletop Fountain, Adolescent Snow Owl Plate, Noah's Ark Mini Armoire, Slant-Top Pantry Basket, Summer Plates & Shelf Set, Tabletop Accessories, Red, White & Blueberry Plate, Table Decorations.

Features— Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, Behind the Scenes: "Must-Have" Tools for the Decorative Painter, Part 1, Prime Your Palette: Beugler Stripers - Another Nifty Gadget!.
july 2003 July 2003

Projects — Lilies of the Valley Plate, Country Garden Mirror, Bistro Mug and Canvas Painting, Fishing Desk Set, Fruits & Vegetables Kitchen Accents, Americana Bear Basket, Summer Santa Calendar, Portside Shops Wall Cabinet, Lighthouse Tray, Ship Captain Nutcracker, Locomotive Dresser Box, Alphabet Bear Plate, Padded Footstool.

Features — Brushstroke Technique Guide, Behind the Scenes: Product Safety, Right from the Start: Planning Good Color Arrangements: Monochromatic Painting, Prime Your Palette: Tips for Painting on Tiles.
may 2003

May 2003

Projects — Elegant Footstool, Framed Wedding Invitations, Shabby Chic Stacking Boxes, Butchart Gardens Basket, Blue Shadows Watercolor, Victorian Rose Box, Crackled Lilacs Grouping, Seasonal Planters, Floral Accent Table, Country Fruit Tray, Coho Nesting Boxes, Duck Decoy, Landscape Mirror Frame, Springtime Tulips Cabinet.

Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, Behind the Scenes, Brush Up On Basics, Right from the Start: A Study of High and Low Key Painting, Prime Your Palette, Spring Borders.

april 2003 April 2003

Projects — Herb Tray, Fruit and Blossoms Boxes, Folk Art Bunny Plate, Delft Recipe Box, Shabby Chic Springtime Coordinates, Raspberry Vine Basket and Plate, Parrot Keepsake Boxes and Frame, Magnolias Lamp and Cabinet, Strokework Bird and Vine Wall Pocket, Stoneware Coffee Set, Fancy Cutwork Shelf, Garden Gate Basket, Faux Tile Tray, Porcelain Eggs.

Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, Behind the Scenes: Painting for Lefties
Right from the Start: A Study of the Tertiary Colors Yellow Orange and Red Orange, Prime Your Palette, Painter's Profile: Meet Nancy Capuano, Brush Up On Basics, Technique Talk: Contemporary Fresco.
february 2003 February 2003

Projects — Sewing Table, "Colorado Blues" Door Harp, Angel Teddy Bear Plate, Fruit Cutting Board, Peace Rose Box, Springtime Santa Calendar, Folk Art Hen Tray, Wisteria and Cherry Blossoms Basket, Springtime Coordinates, Treasures of Life Box, Delicate Rose Ensemble, Suede Accessories, Class Notes Clipboard.

Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, Brush Up On Basics, Behind the Scenes, Right from the Start: A Study of the Tertiary Colors Blue Green and Yellow Green, Prime Your Palette.
January 2003 January 2003

Projects — Faux Tile Box, Still Life Tray, Framed Poppies and Chinese Lanterns, Snowman Bowl, Snow Globe Ornament, "Free Snowballs" Mail Box, Delft Blue Snowman Sled, Seasonal Plate, "Seeds and Fruit" Box, Crabapple Jay Wire Basket, Winter Carriage Box, Memory Book Binder, Crown Jewels Santa Box.

Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, Back to Basics, Behind the Scenes, Right From the Start: A Study of the Tertiary Colors of Red Violet and Blue Violet, Prime Your Palette, Brush Up On Basics.