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2000 Back Issues of PaintWorks™
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December 2000 December 2000 ... Sorry! This issue is sold out.

Projects — Merry Christmas Santa Plate, Sweet Dreams, Christmas Tree Santa, Cranberries and Cinnamon Box, Candy Dish and Table Runner, Holiday Table Setting, Elegant Fruits, Porcelain Heart Ornaments, Santa Gourd
Winter 2001 Winter 2001 ... Sorry! This issue is sold out.

Projects — Porcelain Ornaments, Jolly Santa Cutout, Seasons Greetings Signboard, Sled Ornament, Landscape Ornaments, Santa Portrait Plates, Santa Book and Stand, Snow Friends Basket, Christmas Clogs, Christmas Potpourri, Berries and Blossoms, Still Life Candelabra, Starry Night Santa, Teddy Bear Sled, Lighthouse Tree Trims, Greeting Cards, Primitive Pie Keeper
November 2000 November 2000 ... Sorry! This issue is sold out.

Projects — Country Wooden Basket, Still Life Platter, Floral Candle Set, Rustic Vegetable Tote, Harvest Cornucopia, Scenic Bentwood Box, Fall Landscape Palette, Fruit Plate Series, Wooden Peg Plaque, Santa Mailbox, Poinsettia Bowl, Mixed Pattern Santa
September 2000 September 2000 ... Sorry! This issue is sold out.

Projects — Summer Landscape Palette, Peony Cabinet, Classic Collections “Simple Abundance Plate Series,” Cherries Box, Country Fields Skillet, Stoneware Coffee Service, Grapes Hurricane Lamp, Pheasants Box, Country Still Life, Wooden Rooster Tote, Autumn Table and Chairs
July 2000 July 2000 ... Sorry! This issue is sold out.

Projects — Grandma’s Tea Set, Wild Rose Birdhouse, Counting Butterflies, Sunflowers Bowl, Oriental Peony Box, Potpourri Box, Watering Can Lamp, Tea Cabinet, Still Life Tray, Spring by Candlelight, Fairy Tale Furniture, Summertime Bedroom Set, “Olde Glory” Picnic Set
May 2000

May 2000 ... Sorry! This issue is sold out.

Projects — Swan Lake Bentwood Box, Wedding Lilies Table Setting, Tulip Reflections, White Tea Rose, Pastel Trunk, Roses and Blueberries Plaque, Italian Feast Series, Part 4 Melanzana Plate, Blueberries Pie Keeper, Wildflower Vanity Set, Summer Calendar Insert, Wooden Change Dish, Apple Basket Table

April 2000

April 2000 ... Sorry! This issue is sold out.

Projects — Tulips in the Round, Wild Rose Porcelain Box, Italian Feast Series, Part 3 Insalata (Salad) Plate, Springtime Santa Necklace, Landscape Palette, Sewing Box and Stand, Seed Packet Tote, White Chrysanthemum Vase, Citrus Sampler, White Kitten Box, Spring Calendar Insert

February 2000

February 2000 ... Sorry! This issue is sold out.

Projects —  Winter Wall Clock, “Country Roads” Porcelain Ornament, Wild Rose Remote Control Caddy, Porcelain Jewelry Set, Roses Desk Set, Elegant Heart Box, Four Seasons Box, Casserole Dish Holder, Country Floral Collection, Floral Glass Plaque, Italian Feast Series, Part 2 Minestra (Soup) Plate, Rosemaling Coaster Set