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1999 Back Issues of PaintWorks™
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december 1999 December 1999 ... Sorry, Sold Out!

Projects — Birthday Ornament, Wine and Cheese Ensemble, Kris Kringle Ornament and Stand, Bethlehem Santa, Poinsettia Box, Porcelain Bisque Ornaments, Holiday Soup Tureen and Candle, Christmas Tavern Sign, Candy Cane Alphabet Box, Santa Treat Plate, Elves and Snowman Tray, Nutcracker Prince, Christmas Keepsake Box, Snow Family Carolers, Christmas Cupboard, Berry Wreath Ornaments.
Winter 2000 Winter 2000 ... Sorry, Sold Out!

Projects — Birthday Ornament, Solitary Poinsettia, Cypress Knee Santa, Lighthouse Wreath, Folk Art Santa Box, Christmas Heart Tray, Santa Board, Holly Angel Box and Ornaments, Alpine Embroidered Santa, Snow Friends Sled, Elf Ornaments, Christmas Plate, Poinsettia Candle Box, Mr. and Mrs. Classy Claus, Holiday Music Box, Winter Calendar Insert
November 1999 November 1999 ... Sorry, Sold Out!

Projects — Victorian Doll Furniture, Stenciled Fruit Box, Raccoon Lamp, Autumn Bentwood Box, Autumn Slate, Pumpkin Harvest Bowl, Birthday Ornament, Folk Art Santa Shelf, Holiday Wire Basket, Christmas Plate, Angel Star Box, Santa is Watching.
September 1999 September 1999 ... Sorry, Sold Out!

Projects — Birthday Ornaments, Autumn Harvest Tray, Fall Harvest Coffeepot and Sugar Bowl, Little Apple Girl, Seaport Village Box, Cherries Jubilee, Apples and Inchworms, Mini Wire Egg Basket, Fall Calendar, Chicken Key Box, Cattails Wastebasket, Primitive Salt Box.
July 1999 July 1999 ... Sorry, Sold Out!

Projects — Seed Chest, Beekeeper Cabinet, Seashells Journal, Patio Grouping, Lighthouse Box, Safari Plates and Shirt, China Pitcher, Fishing Lure Box, Daisies and Blossoms Frame, Birthday Ornament, Gram’s Queen Anne China Cup, Summer Garden Watercolor, Summer Floral Collection, Shaded Wash Spice Cabinet, Sunflower Watering Can, Folk Art Vegetable Box.
June 1999

June 1999 ... Sorry, Sold Out!

Projects — Wooden Rose Bowl, Birthday Ornaments, Still Life Cabinet, Accent Mirror, Scenic Hat Box, Summer Thyme Clock, Blueberry Box, Topiary Cards, Precious Felines, Bathroom Coordinates, Matchbox Holder, Recipe Box & Cutting Board.

april 1999 April 1999 ... Sorry, Sold Out!

Projects — Birthday Ornament, Double Lid Lap Desk, Bunny Box, Wooden Footstool, Floral Keepsake Frame, Easter Egg Collection, Lavender Blossoms Cache Box, Bentwood Basket, Folk Art Rabbit, Lion and Lamb Ornaments, Poppies Tilt-Top Table.

February 1999 February 1999 ... Sorry, Sold Out!

Projects —  Birthday Ornament, Framed Still Life, Time For Angels Sundial, Candle Box, “Moppet Dolls” Sewing Organizer, Country Mailbox, Cottage Tissue Holder, Nuthatch Lap Desk, Rogaland Bowl, Recipe Box, Candle Table Collection, Rosemaled Trunk.

January 1999 January 1999 ... Sorry, Sold Out!

Projects —  Skater’s Waltz Plate, Winter Scene Slate, Winter Barn Watercolor, Cougar Oil Painting, Angel of Love Plaque, Birthday Ornaments, Stocking Ornaments, Folk Art Angels Sled, Dutch Pitcher and Utility Crock, Winter Cubby Box, Snowbirds Card Box and Coaster Set, Snow Mates, Wild Roses Mirror, Decorator Sconce, Pine Cone Ornaments.