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August 2008 Issue Inside this Issue — August 2008

It’s an Anniversary!

Ten years ago in the August 1998 issue of PaintWorks, we featured an amazing dining room collection designed by Margot Clark. The concept of this article was to present several patterns and show how they could be adapted to a variety of surfaces.

The feature was entitled “Adapt a Design—Decorate a Room” and Margot’s original introduction sums it up quite nicely: “Have you ever seen a design on one item and wished there were companion pieces to match? Me, too! I love coordinated accessories in a room. Follow along with this article as I show you how to create those matching pieces and take you through the thought process involved in adapting a design to decorate a room.”

This was the first time Margot painted items for us using her Shaded Wash Technique, which she developed while working on this project. Everyone at our office was astounded at the beauty of the artwork, and we knew these pieces would be massively popular. Each painting was as gorgeous as the next! The collection consisted of six charger plates, a side table, a triptych clock, a door crown, a door guard, vases, Battenburg lace table linens, and more. This room décor collection presented us with a new challenge— where would we find a location that would complement the designs and accommodate the surfaces? This was our first attempt at photographing an entire room grouping, so we were quite pleased to find a local bed and breakfast that provided us with the perfect setting.

Margot’s dining room collection continues to be among our top favorites. It was highly popular among our readers as well—thus, it is no surprise that the August 1998 issue of PaintWorks sold out long ago. If you are interested in painting some of the pieces featured 10 years ago, go to Margot’s web site,, for information about purchasing pattern packets.

Margot continues to be one of our favorite contributing designers, and to commemorate this 10-year anniversary, she painted a set of scalloped bentwood boxes (page 34) to match the original dining room ensemble. Thank you, Margot. We sincerely appreciate your remarkable creativity and devotion to decorative painting and design.

We trust you will be as inspired as we were and make the time to create this unique, breathtaking collection. Join us in this celebration, and adapt Margot’s designs to surfaces of choice and create your own accent pieces. Please help to inspire others and share your creations with our fellow readers. Send photos and a short note about your painting experience to PaintWorks, “Adapt a Design” Anniversary, 7 Waterloo Rd., Stanhope, NJ 07874.

Have a wonderful summer!
Linda Heller
Linda R. Heller, Editor

Poppy and Bees tray Oriental Poppy & Bumblebee Tray
by Peggy Harris
Create a fabulous 3-D flower using a concave surface and multiple glazes of transparent color!
Geranium Charger Geranium Charger and Breadboard
by Vilma Fabretti, CDA
Capture the vibrant beauty of geranium blossoms in this elegant two-part project.
Tiger's Glance Tiger’s Glance Canvas
by Mabel Blanco
Capture the beauty of this large cat up close and personal!
Tuscan Clipboard Tuscan Clipboard
by Kathy Swigon, CDA
Need a little inspiration in the kitchen? This inviting Tuscan scene will inspire your culinary skills as you create a delicious feast.
Stacking Boxes Stacking Fruit Boxes
by Margot A. Clark
Designer Margot Clark created this piece to complement the original Shaded Wash Fruit Technique grouping featured in the August 1998 issue of PaintWorks.
White Roses White Roses Porcelain Place Setting
by Trudy Beard, CDA
Place clear glass plates over these painted plates for an elegant, festive table setting.
canvas Nasturtiums Canvas
by Gladys Neilsen
Accent your walls with these popular summer blooms!
lawn chair Adirondack Chair & Footrest
by Chris Thornton-Deason
Sit back with a glass of iced-tea and enjoy your summer surroundings in this custom-designed Adirondack chair.
garden alphabet Garden Alphabet
by Golda Rader
You’ll find multiple uses for this fun, garden-themed alphabet!
Watermelon & Corn Kitchen Accessories
by Julie Polderdyke
Try this unique combination of pink watermelon tucked into green cornhusks.
tray Seashore Tray
by Janet G. Snell
This seashell-themed tray is a “shore” delight!
Lazy Daisy Summer Plaque & Plate
by Nancy Scott, CDA
Imagine yourself sitting in a beach chair on a hill overlooking the ocean and enjoying a lazy summer day!
red canoe Red Canoe Canvas
by Patricia Reichenbach
In the past 125 years, little has changed in designer Patricia Reichenbach’s hometown, Mt. Gretna, Pennsylvania, a rich source of inspiration for many artists.
brushstroke guide Brushstroke Technique Guide:
by DeLane Lange
Different Strokes:
Continuing with Exercises to Improve Brushstrokes
by Heather Redick, CDA
Controlling the angle of the chisel is the primary topic of this issue’s column.
Your Home Studio
Decorative Painting—a Lifestyle by Anne Hunter
Homespun Elegance:
Olive Oil Container
by Rebecca Baer, CDA
Keep olive oil at your fingertips with this attractive, hand-painted can.
Technique Talk:
Magnolia Box by Ann Kingslan, MDA and Mary Kingslan Gibilisco, CDA
Paint this elegant box to practice the flower techniques and theory lessons from the June 2008 issue of PaintWorks.
desert landscape Try Something New:
Desert Landscape Canvas by Sharon Teal-Coray
The colors of the desert can be soft and subtle or intense and vibrant, making it a perfect subject for painters of any level.
tray Adapt a Design:
Folding Tray Table by Jill DiMaria and Maria Grimanis
Designed to fit a rectangular shape, the following seascape includes our country’s shortest lighthouse, Brant Point.
working with watercolors Working with Watercolors:
Beached Boat Watercolor by Kathi Sojka
Whether your vacationing at the beach or in your backyard, watercolors are a fun medium to paint with and easy to transport from place to place.
still life study Still Life Studies:
How to Photograph Your Own Still Life by Sue Pruett, MDA
pope & housh Expand Your Horizons:
Express Yourself with Abstract Art
by Gisele Pope and Nony Housh
clown Created Just for Kids:
Clown Wind Chime by Diane Bunker
Cute, frilly, and lots of fun, this whimsical wind chime is pure delight.
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