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Inside this Issue — August 2007

August 2007 Issue Those Summer Days...
Summer is synonymous with outdoors! So what better time to begin planning spectacular outdoor accents for your porch, patio, and garden? This issue features a number of designs that can be used either indoors or outdoors. With brushes in hand and a little imagination, you can transform your surroundings with a splash of color.

To begin, give your floors a facelift with Tracy Moreau’s faux stone technique. You can either refinish an entire floor or paint a floorcloth to accent an area of your room. If folk art is your style, be sure to check out Barb Franzreb’s fruit-themed floorcloth—what a stunning statement this painting will make!

For those of you who have an herb garden, paint Lynne Andrews’ Herb Sampler Garden Tote to keep your garden tools and gloves within easy reach. No herb garden? Why not adapt the design to a wonderful plaque to display on your sun porch, or use the design on the top of a square accent table. You can even use it as a border for a floorcloth. The options are truly endless!

Of course, Rebecca Baer’s charming Folding Daisy Chair is a perfect accent for the season. Go to your local secondhand shop to find wooden folding chairs similar to the one featured in this issue. Using the proper mediums, you can also adapt the daisy and background design to white, beige, or sage muslin pillows to scatter on your couch and chairs. Again, this design can be adapted to a host of suitable surfaces including benches, stools, floorcloths, tabletops, and more.

After a enjoying a day outdoors, hang your sweater and hat on Debby Forshey-Choma’s Seaport Village Coat Rack. Carry the theme throughout the room by painting part of the design on a coffee table, end tables, lampshades, and more. Just take a look around and you’ll surely find a surface calling out to you!

We’ve given you a few ideas to get you started on your summer decorating, and look forward to seeing how you’ve taken some of these designs and applied them in your own way. Send photos together with a brief description to: All American Crafts, Inc., PaintWorks Summer Designs, 7 Waterloo Rd., Stanhope, NJ 07874.

Happy Summer!

Linda R. Heller

lavendar tote Canvas Lavender Accessories ProTerra—Un Beau Brin De Lavande
by France Quirion
Paint bouquets of lavender, known for its calming and healing benefits, on natural canvas totes, a pillow, and a placemat.
bird feeder and bath Wooden Bird Feeders and Birdbath
by Chris Thornton-Deason
Bring charm to any outdoor setting with a collection of hand-painted wild bird accessories.
country lane trunk Country Lane Trunk
by Joan Dixon
This wooden trunk is decorated with a quaint country cottage dating from 17th or18th century England.
wine coaster Town & Country Wine Coaster
by Carol Cook
Display a favored bottle of wine in this stylish Irish landscape-inspired wine coaster.
memory keeper canvas Memory Keeper Canvas
by Sharon Teal-Coray
This painting depicts the role of a Southwestern Indian woman—keeper of the history of the tribe.
tiger basket Bengal Tiger Basket
by Willow Wolfe
The Bengal Tiger is one of nature's most territorial and fierce creatures. Capture the beauty of this most coveted tiger on the lid of a hand-woven basket.
sealife watercolor Sea Life Watercolor
by Colette Pitcher
This watercolor painting depicts colorful fish, an eel, and a manta ray frolicking among the coral in an underwater playground.
seaport coatrack Seaport Village Coat Rack
by Debby Forshey-Choma
This painting is inspired by Mystic Seaport, a replica of an authentic 19th century coastal village with tall ships and fisheries.
daisy chair Daisy Folding Chair
by Rebecca Baer, CDA
A cluster of striking white daisies graces this traditional folding chair.
strawberry cabinet Strawberries Cabinet
by Debbie Cotton
Paint luscious ripe strawberries on the front of this country-themed cabinet.
candle box Folk Art Tin Candle Box
by Rosemary West, CDA
The combination of drybrushing and crackling techniques makes this piece extra special.
floorcloth Fruit Basket Floorcloth
by Barbara Franzreb
Bring a new look to any floor with this primitive-inspired design.
night light Teddy Bear Nursery Night-Light, Part 2
by Chris Haughey
Turn the lights out and make a wish on these sparkling stars as they dance on the ceiling.
peach Brushstroke Technique Guide: Perfect Peaches
by Jill DiMaria and Maria Grimanis
Create “Perfect Peaches” following this step-by-step guide.
black and white On Track with Trends: Make a Statement with Black & White!
by Alyson Udell
Check out the current fashion trends.
herb box Signs of the Times: Herb Sampler Garden Tote
by Lynne Andrews
Place herb plants or garden tools in this handy wooden container.
mustard jar RB Homespun Elegance: Moutarde aux Herbes (Herb Mustard) Jars
by Rebecca Baer, CDA
Create these custom-designed jars and fill with tasty homemade mustard!
faux floor finish A Fresh Approach to Faux Finishes: Fabulous Finishes for Floors
by Tracy Moreau
Floors are a wonderful surface for faux finishes, but are often overlooked. For this faux stone/grout project, we used a floorcloth, but have also included information on how to apply this finish to vinyl and wood floors.
inspired palette The Inspired Palette: By the Seashore
by Kelly Hoernig
This beach-inspired vanity ensemble is painted with a wonderful range of browns, blue, green, and mauve.
watercolor techniques Explore Watercolor Techniques
by Tom Jones

This painting exercise demonstrates how to use a colorful first wash to achieve beauty and harmony throughout a painting.
Heather Redick Different Strokes for Different Folks!
by Heather Redick, CDA
This is the first in a series of articles focusing on brush control and technique aimed at advancing your painting skill level.
Kids Bear Chair Created Just for Kids: Beary Much Love Chair
by Karen Wisner
This loving trio, shown on an antique child's chair, can be adapted to a host of surfaces including an old suitcase or picnic basket.
Pope and Housh Brush Up on Business: A New Approach to Seeking Surfaces
by Gisele Pope and Nony Housh
Join Gisele and Nony on a painting surface hunt!
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