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April 2008 Issue Inside this Issue — April 2008

Energize and Revitalize

Rev up your engines
Spring is just around the corner, and soon you’ll be gathering with your painting friends and heading out in search of those “must-have, slightly used, waiting just for you” garage sale finds! It’s time to start planning for the projects you wish to complete over the next several months, and we trust the features in this issue will help to inspire you.

No stress finishes
Take the stress out of painting a distressed finish. Tracy Moreau shows you how to put a contemporary twist on a technique that you would typically use on a primitive or antique piece. In her column, “A Fresh Approach to Faux Finishes,” Tracy exhibits the versatility of distressed finishes with a stylish martini cabinet.

Spring-inspired florals
Bring a touch of spring to your surroundings with a garden full of flowers. Whether you choose to create paintings for your walls, accents for your table, or pillows for your sofa or bed, our selection in this issue is sure to please. Choose from formal to casual styles in colors that will brighten any room in your home.

For your information
From choosing the right brush to practicing strokework to organizing your painting place, the tips and techniques featured in this issue will expand your knowledge and help to make you a better painter. Stimulate your creativity by following Anne Hunter’s advice in her column, “Your Home Studio”. Out with the old and in with the new doesn’t have to be the case when you take a fresh approach to decorative painting.

Pink Dogwood Pillow

Pink Dogwood Pillow
by Trudy Beard, CDA
Transform a plain, ready-made pillow into an elegant conversation piece for your home.

lilac pitcher Lilac Pitcher and Bowl
by Chris Thornton-Deason
This antique reproduction pitcher will bring vintage charm to your décor.
wooden basket Scalloped Wooden Basket
by Jill DiMaria and Maria Grimanis
Display this scalloped wood basket for Easter, and when the holiday is over, fill it with other items to enhance any décor all year long.
brush tote “Paint me a story…” Brush Tote
by Roxanne Jarvis
This design is dedicated to anyone who has taken the time to teach someone else how to paint.
cabinet insert Simply Spring Cabinet Insert Panel
by Debbie Cotton
This vintage-style sign helps to capture the fresh, clean lines of new country.
tray Feathered Friend Tray
by Sandra Lee Goodale
I have always loved going to yard sales looking for that special surface to paint, and since the objects I find are usually not in the best of shape, I add texture or decoupage backgrounds to cover up flaws.
heart tins Folk Art Heart Boxes
by Della Wetterman
Paint this tin heart-shaped trio in a traditional folk art style.
roses plaque Framed Roses Plaque
by Vilma Fabretti, CDA
These two roses are very unique because of their color—very light yellow and very dark pink petals.
iris panel Iris Panel
by Patte Kayne, CDA
This panel is part of a floral series which incorporate decorative painting with multimedia techniques.
lilies plate Lilies Plate
by Dottie Martz
This stunning lily charger plate will take center stage on your dining room tabletop.
tropical duo canvas Tropical Duo Canvas
by Willow Wolfe
This tropical swallowtail butterfly is truly a sight to behold with its incredibly vibrant hints of color spreading throughout the wings.
tiger table Tiger Table & Coasters
by Glenice Moore
Tigers have incredible eyes and coat markings enabling them to blend into the foliage as shown on this table and coaster set.
cherry jug plaque Cherry Jug Plaque
by Bob Pennycook
Texture and more texture define this project.
asian lunch box Asian Lunch Box, Candlescape, Asian Bucket, Spider Mum Box, Purse, and Koi Pillow
by Chris Thornton-Deason and Tammie Wilson
The influence of Asia on our home décor and attitudes continues to be high for 2008 and beyond. Whether you like the more traditional colors and styling of the Asian Mum Box, or yearn for something with more color and a contemporary edge like the Koi Pillow or bright floral candlescape, this vignette has something to offer everyone!
brushstroke Brushstroke Technique Guide: Spring Duckling
by Deb Malewski
Create a baby duckling just in time for spring!
different  stokes Different Strokes for Different Folks! Practice Makes Perfect!
by Heather Redick, CDA
Try these tips and techniques to improve strokework skills.
home studio Your Home Studio: Decorative Painting Coming of Age
by Anne Hunter
Learn how old designs can be updated to reflect today’s trends.
tech talk Technique Talk: Traditions Global Blending Extended Acrylic Blending
by David Jansen, MDA, Heritage Artist
With the Global Blending Technique, the Traditions artist can have better control over blending than what is found with oils.
faux finish A Fresh Approach to Faux Finishes: Distressed Martini Cabinet
by Tracy Moreau
Distressed finishes never seem to go out of style and lend warmth and interest to virtually any décor.
postcards Working with Watercolors: Painting Postcards
by Colette Pitcher
Traveling is a good time to paint—take a postcard-size watercolor block and a travel watercolor set and you’ll be set to go!
treasure chest Created Just for Kids! Little Bears’ Treasure Chest, Part 1
by Sharon McNamara Black
Create an heirloom toy chest to last for generations to come.
Pope and Housh Brush Up on Business: The Perfect "Paintin' Place" part 2
by Gisele Pope and Nony Housh
Read about storage solutions for all your supplies.
honey jars RB Homespun Elegance: Infused Honey Jars
by Rebecca Baer, CDA
The reusable nature of the products used for this project makes etching glass a cost-effective way to create stylish home accessories that can then be filled with creative homespun treats.
back to basics Back to Basics: How to Choose a Brush!
by Debbie Cole, CDA
This article will give you a basic understanding about different types of brushes and how they are used
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