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February cover
Inside this Issue — April 2007
2007—Look Ahead to an Exciting Year!
This issue features the debut of “A Fresh Approach to Faux Finishes” by Tracy Moreau, “Explore Watercolor Techniques” by Bonnie Jones (this will be a shared column between Bonnie and Tom Jones), “Signs of the Times” by Lynne Andrews (an inspirational approach to decorative painting), and “The Inspired Palette” by Kelly Hoernig (decorating various rooms in a home using a palette inspired by the 2007 Home Furnishings Forecast released by Pantone, Inc.).
Some of these columns will be ongoing and others will be presented four to five times a year. These new features will be joined by some of our old favorites, as well as additional new columns later on this year.
Rocking Horse Viviana’s Rocking Horse by Heather Redick, CDA
This rocking horse will become a most treasured heirloom for your daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, or friend.
hummingbird tray Rose & Hummingbird Tray by Gabriele Hunter
The hummingbird, ancient symbol of the human soul, is spreading its message of joy and wonder, reminding us to enjoy what is given to us and to spread this joy to others.
Lilies Spice Bin Stargazer Lilies Spice Bin by Maureen McNaughton, CDA
Learn just a few basic strokes with the round brush and paint the delicate petals and leaves of this lily favorite.
Gabriel Gabriel by Tracy Moreau
This plaque is designer Tracy Moreau’s version of an ancient inspired art form.
Grape Fresco Box Grape Fresco Box by Bob Pennycook
Create an old-world look using metal leaf and texture.
Hummingbird Plaque Hummingbird Plaque by Willow Wolfe
The first time I saw a photograph of a white hummingbird, I was amazed—it’s one of nature’s creatures that reminds me of fairies, guardian angels, and magic. Painting creates a world where all of those mysteries exist without boundaries.
Dogwood Plate Scenic Dogwood Plate by Ginger Edwards
Dogwood blossoms serve as reminders of Sunday afternoon journeys to the country with my parents to admire the trees in all their glory.
Peruvian Lily Peruvian Lily by Ann Morgan, CDA
This colored pencil project is for any level artist. Using a limited color palette, the design elements are repetitive, allowing you to learn techniques and become familiar with some of the characteristics of colored pencils.
Holder with Valdres Flowers Holder with Valdres Flowers by Mary Ellerman, CDA
This project combines a bit of the old country with a wooden whetstone holder from Germany and a design from Norway.
Framed Screen Framed Screen: Jo Sonja’s House by Roxanne Jarvis
Transform a common screen into a whimsical work of art.
Feather Your Nest Brushstroke Technique Guide: Feather Your Nest by Trudy Beard, CDA
“Build” a bird’s nest in six easy steps!
New Look in Fashion Leggings On Track with Trends: The New Look in Fashion Leggings by Alyson Udell
The new fashion catalogs are featuring leggings on almost every page. And they aren’t just in teen magazines and catalogs, women of all ages are wearing them!
Pope and Housh Brush Up on Business: Spring Fling—Have an Open House by Gisele Pope and Nony Housh
Spring is just around the corner! Gisele and Nony share tips for planning a successful open house to promote classes and to sell finished goods.
Winter Whimsy Mirror Signs of the Times: Winter Whimsy Mirror by Lynne Andrews
Having already been an established folk artist upon entering the world of decorative painting, Lynne’s unique approach to art is reflected in her designs.
Anne Hunter Your Home Studio: An Emerging Business—The Return of the Home Studio, Part 2 by Anne Hunter
In this issue, Anne discusses the business of designing decorative art projects for packets, books, magazine articles, and industry newsletters.
Little Bundle of Joy The Inspired Palette: Little Bundle of Joy by Kelly Hoernig
In this exciting bimonthly series we will be exploring new palette with each issue. The April issue features upscale, trendy accents for a baby’s room.
New Fangled Faux—Tools of the Trade A Fresh Approach to Faux Finishes: New Fangled Faux—Tools of the Trade, Part 1 by Tracy Moreau
In this issue, Tracy discusses the basic tools needed to create a wide variety of fabulous faux finishes.
Homespun Elegance: Narcissus Box RB Homespun Elegance: Narcissus Box by Rebecca Baer, CDA
This charming container with delicate white narcissus bespeaks of spring, while a touch of leafing lends dramatic sparkle to the finished box.
Brush Box Brush Up on Lettering: “Create” on a Brush Box by Jill DiMaria and Maria Grimanis
Divided into twelve compartments, this box will keep an entire brush collection safe and remain light enough to tote to a class or outdoor painting session. The label design on one side proudly proclaims its purpose, the paintbrush on the opposite side provides an area to experiment with rub-on transfers, and the lid offers the opportunity to personalize using your own lettering design!
Hand-Painted Chair Created Just for Kids: Child’s Hand-Painted Chair by Kay Quist
Paint a special chair for your favorite little one!
Artograph Projector Artograph Projectors—A Must for Your Studio! by Rebecca Rowland
Artograph projectors project an image onto a work surface for tracing and visualizing. This allows the artist to reproduce an image exactly or used as a proportioning guide to aid in the creation of a new design. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginning artist or a professional, this projector is an indispensable tool of the trade.
Back to Basics Back to Basics: It Starts in the Beginning...Surface Preparation Tips by Sandra Croy
This article features techniques for preparing surfaces, both old and new.
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