Season Greetings!

Bring the spirit of Christmas to your home with this inspiring collection of hand-painted tree trims. Whether your style is country, classic, or contemporary, this year’s assortment has something to complement everyone’s holiday décor.

Christmas is synonymous with a loving, a caring, and a giving spirit. This can be expressed in many ways. For some, the gift of service is their way to give back— donating time to local charities and visiting senior centers and hospitals. For others, it means holding bake sales, craft fairs, or rummage sales to raise money for charitable causes. Why not surprise the seniors and patients with hand-painted ornaments or even a small tree decorated for the holidays. When gathering items to sell at craft fairs, be sure to include some hand-painted ornaments.

With each new issue of PaintWorks Christmas Ornaments, we strive to bring you innovative designs as well as traditional favorites. This year’s collection proves to be different from any other year. Be sure to adapt these designs to fit other surfaces, using them for tags, pins, pendants, plaques, boxes, and more.

No matter what projects you choose to paint, a grouping of handcrafted ornaments or adaptations of these designs will bring warmth to your holiday festivities and smiles to the faces of others.

Happy Holidays!

Linda R. Heller
Editor in Chief


Harvest Pin
Christmas Traditions
Seashell Canvases, Part 2
Folksy Feline Friends
Abstract Sunflower
Snow Angels
Stained Glass Grapes
Sugar Land Ornament Set
Autumn Landscape Plaque
Furry Friends Angel Ornaments
Contemporary Teapot
Festive Christmas Cluckers
Fruit Study
Countdown to Christmas
Bucket of Sunshine
Christmas Star Tea Light Holders
Autumn Folding Chair
Holly Snow Scenes
Fall Harvest Tree
Contemporary Christmas Trees and
Prim Fruit Plaques
Frosty and His Feathered Friends
Fall Salt and Pepper SetHoliday Elf Doors
Sunflower Smiles
Snowy Landscapes
Beatrix Meowser
Christmas Bell Ornaments
Spider Jack and Iggy
Maple Leaf Snowflakes
Spider Jack and Iggy
Colonial Tin Ornaments
Spider Jack and Iggy
Snow Couple & Precious Pets
Spider Jack and Iggy
Faux Cloisonné Sea Horses
Spider Jack and Iggy
Holiday Ornaments
Spider Jack and Iggy
Christmas Ornies
Spider Jack and Iggy
Jolly Winter Snowmen Trio
Spider Jack and Iggy
Christmas Owls in a Pear Tree
Spider Jack and Iggy
Poinsettia and Holly Stockings
Spider Jack and Iggy
Holly Sheep and Sugary Berries
Spider Jack and Iggy
Ornamental Ornaments
Spider Jack and Iggy
Vintage Decoupage Pears
Spider Jack and Iggy
Sewing-Circle Santa

In this Issue
Holiday 2013


Christmas Traditions (acrylics) Lynne Deptula

Christmas Bell Ornaments (acrylics) Gigi Wright

Countdown to Christmas (acrylics) Kim Christmas

Holiday Ornaments (acrylics) Shara Reiner

Frosty and His Feathered Friends (acrylics) Sharon Chinn

Holly Snow Scenes (acrylics) Chris Haughey

Holly Sheep and Sugary Berries (acrylics) Deb Antonick

Jolly Winter Snowmen Trio (acrylics) Debra Mills

Contemporary Christmas Trees and
Ornaments (acrylics) Chris Thornton-Deason

Faux Cloisonné Sea Horses (acrylics) Tracy Moreau

Christmas Star Tea Light Holders (acrylics) Chris Haughey

Ornamental Ornaments (acrylics) Bob Pennycook

Poinsettia and Holly Stockings (acrylics) Debby Forshey-Choma

Sugar Land Ornament Set (acrylics) Kim Christmas

Christmas Owls in a Pear Tree (acrylics) Jane Allen

Snow Couple & Precious Pets (acrylics) Monika Brint

Christmas Ornies (acrylics) Barb Jones

Festive Christmas Cluckers (acrylics) Cyndi Combs

Maple Leaf Snowflakes (acrylics) Cindy Dawson

Vintage Decoupage Pears (acrylics) Tracy Moreau

Folksy Feline Friends (acrylics) Lynne Andrews

Snowy Landscapes (acrylics) Debby Forshey-Choma

Furry Friends Angel Ornaments (acrylics) Chris Haughey

Snow Angels (acrylics) Monika Brint

Sewing-Circle Santa (acrylics) Cynthia Erekson

Colonial Tin Ornaments (acrylics) Barbara (Franzreb) Bunsey

Holiday Elf Doors (acrylics) Prudy Vannier

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