October Issue
Inside the October Issue
sea fishing Sea Fishing
by Joan Dixon
Autumn Lake Canvas Autumn Lake Canvas
by Diane Trierweiler
autumn leaves Autumn Leaves Pathway
by Angela Anderson
sunflower watercolor Sunflower Watercolor
by Kathi Hanson
sunflower tray Sunflower and Lavender Fields Tray
by Connie Parkinson
sunflower basket Sunflower Basket
by Roxanne M. Jarvis
sunflower tote Sunflower Canvas Tote
by Beth Wagner
apple plaque Contemporary Apples Plaque
by Bob Pennycook
framed macs Framed McIntosh Apples
by Willow Wolfe
magazine rack Magazine Rack
by Carol-Lee Cisco
old hunnting grounds Old Hunting Grounds
by Sharon Buononato
fall leaves tray Fall Leaves Tray
by Debra Mills
cornucopia banner Cornucopia Banner
by Suzie Shinseki
tiles & clutch Faux Cloisonné Tiles and Clutch
by Tracy Moreau
floorcloth Fall Leaves Floorcloth
by Christy Hartman
pumpkin still life Pumpkin Still Life
by Amy J. Mogish
farm produce wagon “Higgin’s Fresh Farm Produce” Wagon
by Debbie Cotton
apple basket Apple Bushel Basket Lid
by Debra Mills
harvest blessing cups Harvest Blessings Cups
by Barbara (Franzreb) Bunsey
spooky fall harvest Spooky's Fall Harvest
by Sharon Teal-Coray
witch hat Halloween Witch Hat
by Trudy Beard
Autumn Array Brushstroke Technique Guide:
by Debby Forshey-Choma
painter profile Painter’s Profile:
Debbie Cotton
book nook The Book Nook
by Susan Mynyk
on track with trends On Track with Trends:
Fall Sparkles
by Jennifer Blevins
faux finish A Fresh Approach to Faux Finishes:
Faux Cloisonné
savvy studio Savvy Studio:
by Kathi Hanson
coming next Expressions
Coming Next!
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Inside this Issue — October 2010

Celebrate Autumn

Experience the brilliant hues of nature’s most colorful season with this issue’s diverse selection of fall-themed projects. These seasonal favorites—including a basket, a magazine rack, a floorcloth, a clutch, a wagon, trays, plaques, and various framed paintings—will bring that special handcrafted touch to your harvest home.

This issue also features a special collection of painted sunflowers. Paint one or all four of these exquisite projects, each featuring a different technique. Since watercolors are all the rage, I’m certain you’ll be pleased with Kathi Hanson’s bold and bright Sunflower Watercolor. Connie Parkinson’s Sunflower and Lavender Fields Tray is an inspiring design that will transport you in spirit to the tranquility of Provence. The Sunflower Basket by Roxanne Jarvis is a little less conventional than some of our other paintings, as it was designed for artists who want to try something new and are ready for a challenge. For those who prefer to paint on fabric, Beth Wagner’s Sunflower Canvas Tote is both functional and fashionable. Certainly we can all use another tote!

Meet artist/teacher Debbie Cotton in this issue’s “Painter’s Profile” column. Debbie is known for her unique, detail-filled style that incorporates vintage logos. Be sure to check out her vintage farm wagon project.

Are you ready to try a fun, new technique? If so, you’ll want to read Tracy Moreau’s “Faux Cloisonné” article. And, if you want to make a fashion statement, paint her Faux Cloisonné Clutch and step out in style!

New this issue is our book review column entitled “The Book Nook” by Susan Mynyk. Read all about Susan’s favorite picks!