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"Kringle's Candy Co."Tin
Debbie Cotton
calendar Christmas Advent Calendar
Lydia Steeves
Special Wishes Father Christmas Special Wishes Father Christmas
Lynne Andrews
Winter Scene Ornaments Winter Scene Ornaments
Kay Quist
Christmas Door Cut Corner Tray Christmas Door Cut Corner Tray
Connie Parkinson
“Believe” Santa Plaque "Believe" Santa Plaque
Sue Beckerton
“Christmas is Love” Box "Christmas is Love" Box
Rosemary West
Santa Portrait Basket Santa Portrait Basket
Amy J. Mogish
Christmas Joy Candy Dish Christmas Joy Candy Dish
Rebecca Baer
Santa’s Coffeepot Set Santa's Coffeepot Set
Jillybean Fitzhenry
Contemporary “Joy” Banner Contemporary "Joy"Banner
Bob Pennycook
Cookie Baking Day Wreath Cookie Baking Day Wreath
Jane Allen
Elf and Gingerbread Men 	Baker’s Tote Elf and Gingerbread Men Baker's Tote
Prudy Vannier
Santa Colander Santa Colander
Karen Wisner
Holiday Snowman Plate Holiday Snowman Plate
Ely Bravo
Bringing Wishes Tree Skirt Bringing Wishes Tree Skirt
Kim Christmas
Winter Teddy Bear Ornaments Winter Teddy Bear Ornaments
Deb Malewski
Holiday Accent Lights Holiday Accent Lights
Chris Thornton-Deason
“Season’s Greetings” Tray "Season's Greetings" Tray
Jill DiMaria
Angel Tree Topper Angel Tree Topper
Beth Wagner
Santa Poinsettia Plate Santa Poinsettia Plate
Pam Gonnason
Christmas Trio Holly, Ribbon, and Roses Christmas Trio
Linda Sharp
Serving Platter Pastel Poinsettias Serving Platter
Carol-Lee Cisco
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Inside this Issue — Holiday 2010

Sweet Ideas for Christmas!

The most important parts of preparing for the holiday festivities include shopping for (and painting) gifts, decorating the home, and—the sweetest part of all—baking scrumptious goodies to share with family and friends. With this “sweet idea” in mind, two of the Christmas projects in this issue are based on a baking theme. First, the Cookie Baking Day Wreath, shown below, is certainly a unique way to adorn a wreath. As a bonus, designer Jane Allen painted tin heart-shaped “cookies” that can be used on a wreath or tree. This design is also “generic” enough to be displayed through Valentine’s Day (or even longer).

editorial image

On a whimsical note, we are pleased once again to present a Prudy Vannier Christmas elf design. The Elf and Gingerbread Men Baker’s Tote consists of a clever and unique functional tote, which utilizes a rolling pin for the handle. This tote is large enough to store items on your kitchen counter and is great eye candy as well.

On a personal note, I have many fond memories of baking cookies for the holidays. When I was really young, my job was to roll balls of dough to form simple drop cookies and to sprinkle on the colored sugar crystals. I later graduated to handling a cookie cutter, and felt that I had mastered the art when I was finally handed a cookie press. Later on, when I had my own family, I continued this tradition of baking for the holiday. Portion control was certainly not my forte, as it took several years to determine just how many cookies I needed to bake—back then, it was not unusual to open the freezer on the Fourth of July and see container upon container of Christmas cookies waiting to be devoured!

Have a wonderful holiday!
Linda R. Heller, Editor in Chief