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June 2009 Issue Inside this Issue — June 2009

Celebrate the arrival of spring with the June issue of PaintWorks. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, we offer projects to suit your decor. With a little effort, you can incorporate decorative painting into your lifestyle, and spruce up your living space, both indoors and out. Garage-sale season has arrived, and you’ll have a wealth of surfaces at your disposal!

This issue also features articles to help you learn and grow as you explore techniques for still life painting, watercolor, faux marquetry, and lettering. And be sure to check out our Painter’s Profile column, and see what wonderful contributions our talented decorative painting teachers make to their communities.

Vintage Pewter Still Life Vintage Pewter Still Life
by Carol-Lee Cisco, CDA
Pewter and fruit are the focal point of this project.
Urn of Roses Urn of Roses
by Connie Parkinson
Make an impression with this painting!
Tin Mantel Clock Tin Mantel Clock
by Jane Allen
Let this robin and her family take up residence in your home!
Pastoral Lamb Pastoral Lamb
by Johanne Morin
Add this lamb to your flock!
English Countryside Painting English Countryside Painting
by Johanne Morin
This painting can bring the lush English countryside into your home.
Lilies & Dragonfly Canvas Lilies & Dragonfly Canvas
by Mabel Blanco
Create your own brilliant, colorful scene with mixed media.
Triangle Box with Rooster Triangle Box with Rooster
by Mary Jane Todd, CDA
This painting reflects a blend of traditional folk art and an antique primitive finish.
Fairy Clock & Plaque Fairy Clock & Plaque
by Pamela Gassman
These whimsical pieces will delight and fascinate!
Aunt Daisy’s Coupe Aunt Daisy’s Coupe
by Sonja Richardson
This reproduction tin car is absolutely charming!
Sunshine Box Sunshine Box
by Carolyn Ballantine & Lea Davis
Bring some sunshine into your life everyday!
Contemporary Canvases Contemporary Canvases
by Chris Thornton-Deason
Display these bold blooms on your walls.
Tiger Lilies Tiger Lilies
by Vilma Fabretti, CDA
Replicate the beauty of tiger lilies with this realistic rendering.
Raccoon Basket Raccoon Basket
by Sue Beckerton
Capture the innocent look of this notoriously inquisitive creature.
Spring Plate Spring Plate
by Mary Jo Gross
This is the first in our four-part seasonal plate series.
Baby Robin Basket Baby Robin Basket
by Willow Wolfe
There’s nothing cuter than watching a bird’s first flight!
American Tray Painting American Tray Painting
by Susan Abdella, MDA
Discover the art of traditional tray painting.
Brushstroke Technique Guide Brushstroke Technique Guide
Bountiful Bouquet
by Connie Parkinson
Paint a spring bouquet!
Painter’s Profile Painter’s Profile:
Maureen Van Herpe The Business of Decorative Arts by Anne Hunter Get to know Maureen Van Herpe of Wood Items & More.
Technique Talk Technique Talk:
High and Low Key Still Life Paintings by Ann Kingslan, MDA & Mary Kingslan Gibilisco, CDA Try your hand at high and low key still life paintings.
Watercolor Techniques Explore Watercolor Techniques
Watercolor Tulip Gift Bagby Catherine “Bonnie” Jones
Make a gift extra special with a hand-painted bag and tag.
Prime Your Palette Prime Your Palette
Margot’s “Everyday Calligraphy” with Speedball/Mona Lisa Products Try your hand at Margot Clark’s “Everyday Calligraphy.”
RB Homespun Elegance RB Homespun Elegance:
Salad Dressing Bottle
by Rebecca Baer, CDA
Serve homemade poppy seed dressing in a beautiful hand-painted vessel.
Faux Finish Effects Faux Finish Effects
French Marquetry Painting with Wood, Part 2 by David Jansen, MDA Explore the art of faux marquetry (Part 2 of a four-part series).
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