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February 2009 Issue Inside this Issue — February 2009

Planning Ahead!

In every issue of PaintWorks, it is our goal to present a wide range of projects to appeal to painters around the country and abroad. Through our technique-oriented articles, we hope to encourage you to seek more knowledge by taking classes and purchasing videos, books, and other educational materials. As you become familiar with the various techniques and mediums, you’ll feel more confident to stretch and make each painting your own. Many of the designs (or parts of the designs) we present can be adapted to surfaces you already own, including chairs, stools, dressers, trunks, nightstands, headboards, desks, file cabinets—the list is endless! With the long winter months just ahead of us and a new year on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your home. And, if you live up North, start painting the accent furniture now and save the large jobs (walls, ceilings, floors) for spring. It’s also time for a “pick-me-up,” so grab your brushes and get going!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
Linda Heller
Linda R. Heller, Editor

Merry Christmas Plaque Merry Christmas Plaque
by Cheri Rol, MDA
Celebrate a “purr-fectly” wonderful Christmas!
Red Riding Hood Sleigh Red Riding Hood Sleigh
by Peggy Harris
Paint this handcrafted model cutter sleigh with a classic fairy tale design, and create a decorative fantasy for the holidays and beyond!
Snowman Hall Tree Snowman Hall Tree
by Chris Haughey
Functional and fun! Organize mittens, scarves, and coats with this delightful snowman tree.
Puffed Snowmen Ornaments Puffed Snowman Ornaments
by Karen Damerow
These cute snowmen will brighten your tree, or you can tie them to holiday gifts for an extra personal touch.
raven the winter fairy Raven the Winter Fairy
by Sharon Teal-Coray
It is fun to think that maybe there are fairies all around us…who knows, maybe one is sitting there watching you now!
Countryside Hamlet Countryside Hamlet Canvas
by Joan Dixon
Envision the beauty of a cold winter’s day when the sun rises on a cold winter morning, everything looks bright and clean.
Seal Pup Seal Pup Canvas
by Mabel Blanco
Capture the youthful innocence in the eyes of this baby seal.
chickadees tureen Chickadees Soup Tureen
by Trudy Beard, CDA
Use Trudy’s easy techniques to create a family heirloom that you will be proud to own.
cherub wall hanging Cherubs Wall Hanging
by Suzie Shinseki
Like gifts from antiquity, these awe-inspiring cherubs almost come to life with dramatic details created with the drybrush technique on black fabric.
williamsburg plate Williamsburg Christmas Plate
by Barbara Franzreb
Visit Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas, and experience the magic of the holiday season!
star pocket Birch Bark & Pinecones Star Pocket
by Chris Haughey
This woodsy star pocket painted with a faux birch wood background can be displayed throughout the entire winter season.
tin truck The Old Tin Truck
by Debbie Cotton
This truck is painted with different designs on each side—one for Christmas and the other for year-round display
winter barn scene Winter Barn Scene
by Charlene Barlow
This scene is inspired by the New England countryside.
skaters watercolors Skaters’ Haven Watercolor
by Kathi Sojka
Add a personal touch to holiday greetings by sending watercolor cards to family members and friends.
winter chickadees Winter Chickadees
by Lydia Steeves
Chickadees painted on a fresh wintry background make this design suitable to bring out for Christmas and leave out well into the New Year.
frozen mill stream Frozen Mill Stream
by Linda Lover
Find solace in this tranquil winter scene.
goodnight mice Goodnight Mice Ornaments
by Debbie Clarke
Christmas is right around the corner, but there’s still time to paint up this darling duo to hang on your holiday tree!
zeebra clock Zebra Clock
by Sammie Crawford
Create a three-dimensional, one-of-a-kind clock using a gourd to form the zebra’s face.
on review On Review
A Christmas Gift from “Three Wise Men” by Debra Garner
Discover why Celebrate St. Nicholas is the perfect gift for those who paint, as well as for those who appreciate the decorative arts.
different strokes Different Strokes:
Comma Strokes
by Heather Redick, CDA
It is necessary to learn to execute the comma stroke well and in a variety of shapes and sizes. Practice with Heather and become proficient in this craft.
still life studies Still Life Studies:
Glass & Yarrow by Patti DeRenzo, CDA
Practice the techniques for creating a still life painting.
homespun elegance Homespun Elegance:
Reversible Triple Candle Stand—Savory Mushrooms
by Rebecca Baer, CDA
The first design created for this triple stand, the earthy painted mushrooms and bay leaves, is the perfect complement for serving your own stuffed mushrooms or other savory delicacy. When not used for serving, this surface doubles as a candle stand.
adapt a design Adapt a Design:
Working with Circular Designs by Jill DiMaria and Maria Grimanis
The rosette is one of the oldest forms in folk art and lends itself perfectly to any circular surface, while the technique of marquetry opens up the potential to apply it on any stained surface whether it is new or antique.
tech talk Technique Talk:
Urn and Fruit Still Life by Ann Kingslan, MDA and Mary Kingslan Gibilisco, CDA
The featured project is a peaceful painting because the value throughout is similar. There is color contrast but not value contrast as seen in the black and white of the painting.
home studio Your Home Studio
Decorative Painting...Hobby or Business? by Anne Hunter
If you have experience painting on your own and are ready to spread your wings, it might be time to try something new!
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