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august 2009 Issue Inside this Issue — August 2009

Step Into Summer!

With summer rapidly approaching, we are thrilled to bring you some terrific projects and ideas to keep you busy throughout the season. Card making continues to be popular and we are pleased to offer you two: An antique car motif card for a gentleman’s birthday or Father’s Day, and a colorful Americana greeting card. Celebrate the sounds of summer with Chris Haughey’s melodious Birdhouse Wind Chimes, a perfect accent for a covered porch or sunroom. Another great choice for this area of your home is Chris Thornton-Deason’s Butterfly and Coneflower Containers. Fill them with greenery and wow your walls with color! Bring a whimsical look to any room with Shara Reiner’s summer folk art chair—the first in a series of four seasonal chairs. Gear up for gardening with a butterfly and textured seed box. Home décor items include Andy Jones’ Rooster Portrait Pillow and Mabel Blanco’s Tiger Pillow. And much more! We trust some of these ideas will inspire you to paint something wonderful for your home or for someone special in your life!

Water Lilies Watercolor Water Lilies Watercolor
by Kathi Sojka
These opalescent blooms were inspired by photos taken by the artist.
Floating Time Sundial Floating Time Sundial
by Vicki Allwardt, CDA
This sundial would be lovely in your yard or on your patio, and may even pass for a small pond!
Winding Staircase Winding Staircase Canvas
by Connie Parkinson
A chorus of colorful potted flowers beckons us up the gently curving stairs.
Margot’s “Everyday Calligraphy”  Seed Box Margot’s “Everyday Calligraphy” Seed Box by Margot A. Clark
This seed box with handmade seed packets is the perfect container for storing your gardens' seeds.
Gardener’s Truck Gardener’s Truck
by Rosemary West, CDA
Who can resist the charm of this miniature garden-themed grouping?
Rooster Portrait Pillow Rooster Portrait Pillow
by Andy Jones, CDA
Bring the allure of French country to your home with this handsome rooster portrait pillow.
“Antiques” Scoop Plate “Antiques” Scoop Plate
by Dottie Martz
A crackle finish adds to the “old-world” look of this painting.
Funky Folk Art Summer Chair Funky Folk Art Summer Chair
by Shara Reiner, CDA
This bright, cheerful folk art chair is the first of a four-part series.
Sweet Pea Basket Sweet Pea Basket
by Jo Avis Moore, MDA
Painting these sweet peas brought back memories of growing up in Oklahoma.
Butterfly and Coneflower Containers Butterfly and Coneflower Containers
by Chris Thornton-Deason
For an eye-catching accent, fill these containers with hand towels, greenery, or flowers.
Magazine File Magazine File
by Carol Cook
This painting is inspired by Mexico and its Spanish - influenced architecture and warm sunshine.
Scarlet Macaw Canvas Scarlet Macaw Canvas
by Willow Wolfe
Sometimes the most unique and striking paintings are created from a lack of detail.
Tiger Pillow Tiger Pillow
by Mabel Blanco
Decorate with animal prints!
“Birthday Wishes!” Card “Birthday Wishes!” Card
by Susan V. Cochrane
Give this card as a unique birthday or Fatherís Day gift, painted specially by you!
Summer Plate Summer Plate
by Mary Jo Gross
Celebrate the arrival of summer in any language, whether it is English, French, or Russian.
Happy 4th Greeting Card Happy 4th Greeting Card
by Susan V. Cochrane
Kick off the summer with this patriotic greeting card.
White Magnolia Box White Magnolia Box
by Vilma Fabretti, CDA
Dramatic contrast between the flowers and the background make this painting magnificent.
Birdhouse Wind Chimes Birdhouse Wind Chimes
by Chris Haughey
Hang this wind chime in a gentle breeze and enjoy its harmonious tunes.
Bamboo & Orchids Canvas Bamboo & Orchids Canvas
by Jan Marie Wiater
Add texture and interest to a canvas by using scrapbook paper as part of a background.
brushstroke Guide Brushstroke Technique Guide
Delicate Rosebuds by Trudy Beard, CDA
Discover easy techniques for painting dainty rosebuds.
painter's profile Painter’s Profile
Margot Clark—She Didn’t Just Survive…She Became! by Susan Mynyk
Designer Margot Clark views life as brimming with possibilities!
Technique Talk Your Home Studio
In Search of Quality Brushes by Anne Hunter
Find the right brushes for your style of painting.
Watercolor Techniques A Fresh Approach to Faux Finishes
Textural Tendencies by Tracy Moreau
Discover how liberating working with texture can be!
Faux Finish Effects Faux Finish Effects
French Marquetry Painting with Wood, Part 3 by David Jansen, MDA Create two more wood grains—tulipwood and ebony.
expand your horizons Expand Your Horizons
Decorative Painting Renaissance—Inspiration from the Past by Gisele Pope and Nony Housh
Historical art periods and master painters.
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