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February 2009 Issue Inside this Issue — April 2009

Plan Ahead for Spring
Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning for the projects that you wish to complete over the next several months. We trust the selection in this issue will help to inspire you.

Returning by popular demand
Meet some of your favorite designers in our column entitled Painter’s Profile. In this issue, meet Roxanne Jarvis, take a tour of her studio, and discover how she began her painting career.

Additional features
Debuting in this issue is the first of a three-part series entitled Faux Finish Effects. Learn how to create faux marquetry with David Jansen, MDA, who exhibits the versatility of various wood-grained finishes with a stylish desk.These techniques can be applied to a host of surfaces—refinish a trunk, headboard, door, or even your kitchen cabinets!

Other features include technique articles for still life painting, spring-inspired florals, and skills to improve brush control. If you love watercolor landscapes, we have two stunning scenes. Also, animal enthusiasts will certainly enjoy our Husky Huddle Tray, Siamese Cat Plate, Wrens and Butterfly Signboard, Iris the Spring Goose, Rooster Breadboard, and a Dimensional Bunny Trio. These phenomenal paintings range from realistic renditions to whimsical folk art.

Decorative Rose Eggs Decorative Rose Eggs
by Barbara Franzreb
Husky Huddle Tray Husky Huddle Tray
by Lydia Steeves
Spring Lake Watercolor Spring Lake Watercolor
by Kathi Hanson
Springtime Robin Box Springtime Robin Box
by Diana Putnam
Vintage Still Life Vintage Still Life
by Diana Mercado
Suede Wedding Ensemble Suede Wedding Ensemble
by Beth Wagner
“Bless this House” Plaque “Bless this House” Plaque
by Roxanne Jarvis
“My Swedish Valentine” Box & Basket “My Swedish Valentine” Box & Basket
by Pamela Gassman
Ragdoll Cat Plate Ragdoll Cat Plate
by Mabel Blanco
Wren and Butterfly Signboard Wren and Butterfly Signboard
by Willow Wolfe
Iris the Spring Goose Iris the Spring Goose
by Johanne Morin
Springtime Basket Springtime Basket
by Judy Diephouse
Rooster Breadboard Rooster Breadboard
by Rosemary West, CDA
Route 94 Spring Barn Route 94 Spring Barn
by Kathi Sojka
Dimensional Bunny Trio Dimensional Bunny Trio
by Gabriele Hunter
Potting Table Potting Table
by Chris Thornton-Deason
A Funky Furry Fellow! Brushstroke Technique Guide
A Funky Furry Fellow!
by Deb Malewski
Stroke with Variations Different Strokes for Different Folks!
“C” or “U” Stroke with Variations

by Heather Redick, CDA
Fruit Still Life Still Life Studies:
Fruit Still Life by Sue Pruett, MDA
Sweet Treats Reversible Triple Stand RB Homespun Elegance:
Sweet Treats Reversible Triple Stand— Strawberries, Side Two

by Rebecca Baer, CDA
Painter’s Profile Painter’s Profile:
A Sprinkling of “Fairie” Dust—
Meet Roxanne Jarvis

by Susan S. Mynyk

Technique Talk Technique Talk:
A Study of the Use of Value
by Ann Kingslan, MDA and Mary Kingslan Gibilisco, CDA
Faux Finish Effects Faux Finish Effects
French Marquetry by David Jansen, MDA
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