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  2005 Back Issues of PaintWorks™
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december 2005 December 2005

Projects — Chickadee Christmas Ornament; Nesting Doll Crèche, Part 1 The Stable and Mary, Joseph, and Jesus; Peace Dove Tree; Santa Wine Bottle Box; Poinsettia Plate; A Christmas Trio; Irish Santa and Lamb; Good Shepherd Plaque, Part 2 Nighttime Scene; Holiday Christmas Puzzle Tray; Christmas Tray; Hinged Holiday Box/Lap Desk; Santa Sled; Christmas Garden Basket; “Christmas & Co.” Snowman Ornaments; Santa Star Ornament. FeaturesBrushstroke Technique Guide; Holiday Shopping, Part I: Under the Tree—Gifts for Kids and Grown-Ups;Behind the Scenes: Going Professional; Try a New Technique: Roses, Poppies, and Five-Stroke Flowers; Homespun Elegance: Visions of Sugarplums, Part 1 Cone Ornament and Tin; Created Just for Kids!; “All American Railway” Train Bank/Clock/Lamp. Table of Contents
winter 06 Winter 2006

— Elf Christmas Fruzzle, Peppermint Chair, Snowman Candy Bowl, Santa and Teddy Sled, Nutcracker on Slate, Christmas Candy Bowl, Christmas Collage Boxes, Jack the Elf Nutcracker, Jack and Santa Plate, Framed Season's Greetings, Baby's First Christmas Sled, Christmas "Tea Shoppe" Sign, Poinsettia French Bucket, Good Shepard Plaque Part 1 Daylight Scene, Woolgatherer's Journey, Christmas Floorcloth, Holiday Plaque & Candlesticks, Nordic Wreath, A Folk Art Christmas, Frosted Winter Scene Ornaments.
Table of Contents
november 2005 November 2005

Projects — Porcelain Teacup, Lion Book Box, Southwest Tray, Apple Cider Set, Indian Corn Plaque, Autumn Sampler, Fall Leaves Bowl & Candleholder, Seasonal Floorcloth, Hearts of Fall Box, Wall Thermometer, Gourd Bowl, Sunflower and Teapot Shelf, Fruit Still Life Plate, Witch's Shoe, Boo Bear Box, Teacher's Plaque Pumpkin Frame and Panel.
Features — Brushstroke Technique Guide, Ask Priscilla, Behind the Scenes: Q & A Session with Industry Manufacturers, Savvy Studio: Crafting for the Holidays, Homespun Elegance: Heirloom Recipe Journal, From the Bottom Up: Cat Pumpkin Votive.
Table of Contents
september 2005 September 2005

Projects — Ladybug Birdhouse, Nantucket Bicycle Basket, Seashore Canvas Painting, Porcelain Landscape Plate, Artist by the Sea Tray, Morning Glory Desk Set, Geese Game Table, Herb Box and Plate, Sheep & Watermelon Basket, Wedding Vase Canvas, Summer Sampler, Stoneware Ensemble
Features — Brushstroke Technique Guide, Ask Priscilla, Behind the Scenes: Painting in the Digital Age, Working with Watercolors: Actual vs. Implied Texture, Savvy Studio: Take Your Paintbrushes Outdoors!, Painter's Profile: Meet Donna Atkins, Second Time Around: Queen Anne Cherries on Dotted Swiss Table, Painting Outside the Lines: Create an Altered Canvas, Right From the Start: Realism in a Small Space Creates Challenges.
Table of Contents
july 2005 July 2005

Projects — Wine Bottle Box, Garden Retreat Canvas, Gramma's Kettle Plaque with Hook, Dragonfly Jewelry Box, Garden Reflections Mirror, Spinnaker Snails Clock, Birdhouse Peg Shelf, Folding Watermelon Table, Strawberry Address Book and Stand, Summer Bear Basket, Patriot Valley Bowl, Wooden Coaster Set, "Play Ball" Watercolor, "Welcome" Sign with Garden Oval.
Features — Brushstroke Technique Guide, Ask Priscilla, Behind the Scenes: Getting the Most Out of a Painting Class, Working with Watercolors: What's Your Perspective?, Painter's Profile: Meet John Dunn - Artist Extraordinaire, Homespun Elegance: Lilies Wedding Album, Just for Fun! Sunflower and Fruit Candle Wrap.
Table of Contents
may 2005

May 2005

Projects — Vintage Tea Box, Romantic Rose Box, Amanda's Writing Desk, Seed Box, Russian Zhostova Bowl, Chocolate Shop Greeting Card, Large Pumpkin Nesting Box, Primitive Landscape Plaques, Kitten Basket, Bear Plate and Accessories, Door Plaque with Hook, "Welcome" Garden Sign and Birdhouse.
Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, On Track with Trends: Pampering Your Body and Soul, Behind the Scenes: An Interview with Priscilla Hauser, Just for Fun! Fruit Candleholder, Right From the Start: The Ins and Outs of Flowers, Homespun Elegance: Olde World Favorites, Second Time Around: Journey Desk and Chair.
Table of Contents
april 2005 April 2005

Projects — Wolf Plaque, Red Hat & Accessories, Pansies Plate, Espresso Shop Bag Holder, Pastoral Delft Blue Clock, Porcelain Plate, Faux Needlepoint Cabinet, Garden Keep Screen, Tin Panel Shelf, Tuscan Rose Plaque, Rooster and Fruit Box.
Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, On Track with Trends: The Trend in Geometric Design, Working with Watercolors: Tools for Creating the Illusion of Space, Homespun Elegance: Lacy Daisies Pump Dispensers, Created Just for Kids: Cottage Chintz Clock and Box, Painting Outside the Lines: Let the Setting Take Center Stage!, Prime Your Palette: Techniques For Rusted & Burnished Finishes, Studio Style: Your Home Studio - A Business Perspective.
Table of Contents
feb 2005 February 2005

Projects — Angel Weathervane and Ivy Box, Homestead Tray, Folk Art Nesting Boxes, Part 1: Melon, Grapes & Berries Box, French Countryside Floor Cloth, Wine Bottle Box and Wineglass Caddy, Vintage Grapes Plate, Wooden Heart Box, Violettes Vanity Case, Strokework Orchids Canister, Magnolias on Canvas, Scandinavian Pedestal Bowl.
Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, On Track with Trends: Shabby Chic - Still Running Strong, Working with Watercolors: Create Your Own Color Wheel, Right from the Start: A Trompe L'Oeil Rendering, Homespun Elegance: Sweets For My Sweetheart, Painting Outside the Lines: Working with the Elements Around You, Created Just for Kids: Child's Clown Chair, Technique Talk: Yupo Paper - Great for Watercolors and More!
Table of Contents
january 2005 January 2005

— Hydrangeas in Antique Blue Vase, Weihnachts Kugeln, Silver Plated Sunset Serving Pieces, Stone Bridge Cottage Candle Plate, Snowflake Fairy Plaque, Golden Fleece Farmhouse Chair, Floral Candle Box, Poinsettia Jewelry Box, Snowman Candleholder, Snowman Plaque, Winter Sampler Basket, Tissue Box Cover, Snowman Walking Stick, Father Christmas Sled.
Features — Ask Priscilla, Brushstroke Technique Guide, On Track with Trends: Do-It-Yourself Wall Art, Behind the Scenes: Learning Brush Control, Working with Watercolors: Warm vs. Cool, Right from the Start: The Art of Giclee, Homespun Elegance: Berrylicious Lip Balms, Painting Outside the Lines: Three Surfaces, Three Styles, Same Design!